Am I ready to take the Moot Court Intensive?

If you’re interested in moot court, then the Moot Court Intensive is the program for you. We’ll take you through NCFCA’s moot court problem from start to finish in just six weeks. You will learn the basics of what moot court is, learn how to read court cases and legal decisions, get a bird's-eye view of how the Supreme Court decides First Amendment expressive conduct and Article III justiciability issues, take a guided tour of the facts and cases in NCFCA’s moot court problem, engage in topic- and issue-focused discussion panels with the clinic’s faculty, craft a complete Petitioner and Respondent argument for their chosen issue, and test those arguments in two real-time practice rounds.

If you’ve never done moot court before, let us be your guide. And if you’re a seasoned competitor returning for more, this six-week course is just the jump-start you need to prepare for tournament play.