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Angela Stoltzfus

Angela Stoltzfus, High School Classroom TeacherClassroom Teacher

BA, Indiana Wesleyan University

Angela Stoltzfus completed her B.A. at Indiana Wesleyan University, with a major in History and Social Studies Education and a Modern Language Association (Spanish) endorsement. She is entering her fourth year as an instructor with HSLDA Online Academy and brings 20 years of teaching experience in the homeschool, public school, and classical Christian school environments. She is currently an instructor at a classical homeschool tutorial in Maryland in the areas of history, literature, writing and Spanish. She previously taught Secondary Spanish I and II, U.S. History, Western Civilization, U.S. Government, and Economics and Humanities.

As the daughter of a Guatemalan mother and American father, Angela spent most of her first 9 years of childhood in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She is a native speaker of Spanish and it is fitting that when she took 2 gap years after high school to pursue missions training, she had the opportunity to travel to South America to participate in evangelism, missions work, and outreach as the key translator for her teams in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Angela and her husband have been married for over 28 years. They served as urban missionaries for 10 years in the Greater NYC/NJ area and have moved across the country to work with various ministries and non-profits in Virginia, NYC/NJ, Arizona, and are now settled in the Baltimore area. They have three adult daughters and a son who is in the middle of his homeschool high school journey. They are involved in their local church and have many opportunities to be good neighbors. They also love to plan road trips to new-to-them National Parks and participate in local and international outreach opportunities as a family.

Angela’s passion is to inspire young people with the lessons from history, literature, culture, and language so that they will be able to love others with God’s love and be transformative ambassadors of the Gospel to people all over the world.