Auditing an Academy Course

Students may register for any course as an auditing student. In addition, students currently enrolled may change their status to auditing in any course at any time. Auditing students are able to access the course materials, attend live class sessions, and receive teacher feedback for assignments submitted on-time.

Auditing is a good option for students who need to relieve some academic pressure or who would like to remain in a difficult class, but are struggling with the course material and/or falling behind in the course.

Auditing students will not receive a Final Grade Report from HSLDA Online Academy. Students are allowed to list audited courses for credit on their transcript—without mentioning HSLDA Online Academy—if their parent or school determines that their work merits high school credit. However, please note that when a student audits an AP® course, it can no longer be designated as "AP®" on the student's transcript.

Auditing a course does not qualify a student for any tuition discounts or refunds.

To register as an audit student, or to change an enrollment to audit status, please contact the Academy Administrative Office at 540-338-8290 or