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Caroline Tyrrell

Caroline Tyrrell, High School Classroom Teacher for EnglishClassroom Teacher

BA, Patrick Henry College 

Caroline graduated from Patrick Henry College in 2014 with her BA in history. She views the study of history and literature as a study of truths pertaining to the nature of man and the nature of God Himself. As Dr. Robert Spinney often reminds his PHC history students, “History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” The study of history and literature reveals the patterns of man’s nature, the mercy of God in interacting with man, and the grounding on which we must stand to accurately understand our own time.

As a perpetual student herself, Caroline is excited to continue discovering God’s truths found in history and literature along with her students, while passing on the tools that have been so helpful to her.

Caroline enjoys reading, running, music, and spending time with her husband David, and their two children, Ezra and Tabitha. They currently reside in Louisville, KY.

Caroline has been teaching for the Academy since 2015.