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Juli Gleason

Juli Gleason, High School Classroom Teacher for AP United States HistoryClassroom Teacher

BA, Patrick Henry College

Ever since Juli showed a fifth grader how to work a unit-conversion problem when she was seventeen, she has known that God gifted her to teach. She has also known that her gift does not rely on her power alone—that same fifth grader got the problem wrong because of Juli’s dyslexia!

Since then, Juli has developed her love of teaching both academically and professionally. She holds a BA in classical liberal arts from Patrick Henry College. Practicum work for her degree included student teaching at Regents Classical Christian School in Austin, Texas, and writing and teaching a course in art history, philosophy, and creation for homeschooled students.

Since graduation, Juli has continued to teach. She taught art and choir to first through third graders at a start-up Christian school, where she had the opportunity to develop her own curriculum. For three years after that, Juli oversaw a homeschool co-op academy that focused on Bible knowledge, math skills, reading for information, and writing. During these years, Juli also taught European history, American history, and British literature, helping her more advanced students prepare for AP® exams.

In 2011, Juli joined the team at HSLDA Online Academy as one of the first AP US History teachers. She looks forward to the coming academic year as much as she looked forward to the first.

Juli is a native Texan and happily married to an American computer programmer living in Scotland. She and her husband are blessed with a toddler named James and a baby named Christina, and a new home in which they can grow and explore.

Juli has been teaching for the Academy since 2011.