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European History, Live Online High School Course

European History (Western Civ.)


AP® European History introduces students to modern European history (1450 A.D. to present) and also challenges them to evaluate the people, events, and ideas of western civilization from a biblical worldview.


World History: Modern, Live Online High School Course

World History: Modern


In AP® World History: Modern, students expand their knowledge of the people, events, and ideas that have shaped our world, and consider them from a biblical perspective. This course will cover the history of the world from 1200 AD to the present day.


Advanced United States History, Live Online High School Course

Advanced US History


AP® United States History examines the history of America from the pre-Columbian period to the present. The course challenges students to analyze political, social, cultural, and economic developments and to consider issues in US history from a Christian worldview.


AP U.S. Government and Politics, Live Online High School Course

US Government and Politics


In AP® US Government and Politics, students learn about the origins of the American political system, citizens’ rights and liberties, the three branches of government, parties and elections, policy-making, and how a biblical worldview shapes our understanding of governance and political life.


AP Microeconomics, Live Online High School Course



AP® Microeconomics introduces students to core economic concepts and teaches them to analyze market behavior. Topics include scarcity, supply and demand, competition,  profit, income inequality, the role of government, and a biblical perspective on economic decision making.


AP Macroeconomics, Live Online High School Course



AP® Macroeconomics introduces students to the operations of the economy on a national and global scale. Topics include economic growth, inflation, unemployment, the financial sector, international trade, economic policy, and a biblical perspective on economic principles and practices.


AP Calculus AB, Live Online High School Course

Calculus AB


In AP® Calculus AB, students explore the wonder of creation through mathematics. The course stresses both conceptual understanding and fluency in mathematical procedures. Students are challenged not only to get the right results but also to be able to justify their conclusions.


AP English Language and Composition, , Live Online High School Course

English Language and Composition


AP® English Language and Composition develops the skills needed for confidence and success in college-level academic writing. Assignments prompt students to consider the elements of composition at the highest level, providing practice and instructor feedback on these elements to ensure students can use them with sophisticated control—and improve scores on the AP® Exam.

AP English Literature and Composition, Live Online High School Course

English Literature and Composition


AP® English Literature and Composition introduces students to the essentials of literary study and good writing. Students read literary classics from several genres and time periods, discuss the ideas they raise, learn to appreciate literary artistry, and hone their writing skills.

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