Crissta Walton

Crissta Morrison, High School Classroom Teacher for English 1Classroom Teacher

BA, Lubbock Christian University

Crissta Walton graduated with her bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts with a minor in Humanities from Lubbock Christian University. As an imaginative child, Crissta often would build stories and worlds with her neighborhood friends and cousins. When Crissta entered middle school, her love for stories turned to those found within the pages of the books on the library shelves.

Crissta has four years of experience working with high school students and Kingdom education. Having grown up in the public school system, she recognizes the infinite benefits of teaching using a Biblical worldview; it adds depth and relevance to the material being covered. Crissta’s teaching philosophy is two-fold: first, she strives to help each and every one of her students grow as readers and writers, prepared to join the modern world; secondly, she seeks to make sure her students have a big-picture perspective of the world, that they are able to view people, society, history – everything – through God’s view established in the Bible, to benefit them in their own walks with Christ.

Crissta is a native of Lubbock, TX, where she attends Quaker Avenue Church of Christ. She is married to Jesse Walton, a wonderful, godly man who encourages her both in Christ and her career. She currently teaches freshmen and sophomore English at Lubbock Christian High School, where she keeps Biblical worldview at the heart of her curriculum.