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Daouda Traore

Daouda Traore, High School Classroom Teacher for SpanishClassroom Teacher

Daouda Traore (pronounced /dow-dah trah-o-ray) has spent the last 12 years working as a language teacher, interpreter, and translator in Spanish, English, and French. His academic and professional training, along with his exposure to different cultures and various groups on the African and American continents, has equipped him with skills that he enjoys using for the benefits of his students.

Daouda is very passionate about languages and language skill acquisition. He is specifically passionate about his students being able, not only to speak, write, and read a new language with ease, but also to sound and articulate like a native speaker of the target language. He believes firmly that the best way to learn a language is by immersion. Thus, in all his classes, his goal is to provide an experience as close to immersion as possible.

Between 2008 and 2010, while teaching languages in the Ivory Coast, Daouda worked with a group of high school students from South Africa, whose only language was English. Within 2 years, Daouda and his teaching team gave the students the necessary training and language skills to complete college classes in French. He has since served many students at the Victor Valley College in Victorville, CA, as a Spanish and French tutor.

Daouda is also an elder and an ordained pastor serving a multi-ethnic congregation in Southern California, where he lives with his wife Danielle and their two daughters Anna and Abigael.

He has been teaching with the Academy since 2017.