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Deborah Ishiyama

Debi Ishiyama, High School Classroom Teacher for ChemistryClassroom Teacher

MPH, University of Hawaii
BS, University of Hawaii

Deborah Ishiyama has a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition and a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis in nutrition. She also completed a year’s dietetic internship. She worked as a registered dietitian for twelve years before leaving to homeschool her two children, both of whom are now graduated.

While homeschooling, she taught high school physical science, biology, chemistry, and human anatomy and physiology in their local co-op. Deborah enjoys tying her love of food and nutrition into all the science classes she teaches. After all, the food we eat and the way our bodies break it down and use it has everything to do with the scientific order God designed throughout His creation. 

Deborah and her family live on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.