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Foundations in Writing

Foundations in Writing

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 28, 2017–APR 27, 2018

In Foundations in Writing, students learn the basics of English grammar and composition, while learning how to analyze short literary works. This course is designed for students in 8th or 9th grade and prepares students for English 1.

English 1

English 1: Literature & Writing

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 28, 2017–APR 27, 2018

In English 1, students learn to analyze literature, develop skills in writing essays, gain mastery over the basics of English grammar, and expand their vocabulary knowledge and usage.

English 2

English 2: World Literature

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 28, 2017–APR 27, 2018

In English 2: World Literature, students learn to analyze literature and hone their writing skills. This course will introduce students to literary classics from around the world!

English 3

English 3: American Literature

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 28, 2017–APR 27, 2018

In English 3: American Literature, the student learns how to improve their writing abilities. This course will emphasize writing at a higher level, and reading and analyzing literature. Students will survey key American authors in multiple genres! 


Logic & Critical Thinking

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 28, 2017–APR 27, 2018

In Logic & Critical Thinking, students learn how to use and interpret language to reason well. They study logic as the science of thinking, as something found in God’s nature, and which guides all areas of human inquiry. This course will aid students in preparation for the SAT or ACT.

AP English Language and Composition

English Language and Composition

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 28, 2017–APR 27, 2018

AP® English Language and Composition takes a step-by-step approach to exploring the elements of good writing and critical reading. As students learn new writing methods and techniques each week, they complete assignments designed to provide ongoing practice and feedback.

AP English Literature and Composition

English Literature and Composition

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 28, 2017–APR 29, 2018

AP® English Literature and Composition introduces students to the essentials of literary study and good writing. Students read literary classics from several genres and time periods, discuss the ideas they raise, learn to appreciate literary artistry, and hone their writing skills.

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Please note: Each HSLDA Online Academy AP® course is authorized to use the AP® designation by the College Board’s AP® Course Audit before it is taught to students.