Ivy Lister

Ivy Lister, High School Classroom TeacherClassroom Teacher

MS, Liberty University
BS, University of Maryland Global Campus

Ivy Lister earned her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Maryland Global Campus and a Master of Education, Teaching and Learning with a cognate in English from Liberty University. She taught for over five years at John Tyler Community College as a Lecturer in English and Composition. 

Some of her favorite aspects teaching are helping students to enjoy writing, to encourage deeper thoughtfulness and better comprehension of literature, and to see the connectivity that writing, and literature gives us as it relates to humanity on a whole. In addition, working with students who are struggling and walking alongside them, helping to build confidence in their own innate abilities is very rewarding for her.

Ivy was homeschooled as a child and the years that she spent learning at home remain to be some of the happiest and most impactful of her education. Because of this, Ivy holds homeschooling in the highest esteem and believes in this educational method whole-heartedly. Ivy lives in Virginia with her husband and their three amazing, homeschooled children.

Ivy is very excited to teach for the Academy this fall.