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Leighann McKay

Classroom Teacher

BS, Southeastern University

Leighann McKay earned her bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and Design from Southeastern University. She also interned at My TEK Lab, where she got her first opportunity to teach. Leighann has experience teaching in nontraditional settings, as her students have frequently been people of diverse backgrounds and ages.

Leighann loves sharing her knowledge of design and programming with students. Computer programing languages are like the scientific description of visual digital art. To the outside world they are meaningless, but to the programmer these languages create meaningful communication with others. Leighann enjoys helping her students see beyond the face value of a website or video game so they can appreciate the immense work and creativity involved in their creation.

Leighann lives in central Florida. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, visiting Walt Disney World, and doing anything creative.