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Linda Davidson

Linda Davidson, High School Classroom Teacher for EnglishClassroom Teacher

MA, Lancaster University (UK)
BA, San Francisco State University

Linda Davidson has been a teacher for over twenty years. Her favorite teaching job ever was homeschooling her own kids, with her time at the Academy a close second. Linda has also taught in brick-and-mortar public schools, online public schools, and homeschool co-ops. She has also written fiction and nonfiction for various educational websites.

Linda's fondness for great books, creative writing, and songwriting are the joys of her life. She is an Anglophile, and was blessed to study in the UK, where she wrote short stories and a full-length novel. Linda is passionate about imparting her love of literature to her students and helping them become strong writers.

When she isn't writing stories or teaching, Linda loves playing and performing music. She is a singer-songwriter and has written hundreds of songs. She is an avid listener of the hymns of the faith, Bob Dylan, and anything else she finds interesting. In her limited free time, Linda enjoys watching films from the 1930s and 1940s.

Linda has been teaching with the Academy since 2017.