Makishi Inaba

Makishi InabaClassroom Teacher

BA, Patrick Henry College

Makishi Inaba received his BA in literature from Patrick Henry College. While studying at PHC, he served as an editor for Vessel, PHC’s student-run literary journal, for two years. His favorite works of literature are Dante’s Divine Comedy, Augustine’s Confessions, and C.S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces, but he loves any genre or medium that tells a good story.

His favorite literary endeavors are identifying parallels and wrapping his head around symbols and metaphors. He is of the belief that careful and respectful interpretation of literature can be just as glorifying to God as any other form of worship, when done with the right spirit and mind.

Makishi’s hobbies all revolve around the inner workings of well-made things, whether computers, business trends, or film. He currently resides in Loudoun County, Virginia.

This is his second year teaching for the Academy.