Nathan Reutter

Nathan Reutter, High School Classroom Teacher for ChemistryClassroom Teacher

MA, Saint Joseph College
BS, Eastern Connecticut State University

Nathan Reutter earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Eastern Connecticut State University with a major in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Physical Science. He graduated as an Honors Scholar from this institution. Nathan then obtained his teaching certificate for middle and high school science at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, CT. This certificate and further course work enabled him to receive a Master of Arts Degree in Biology Education from the same institution. During this time, he also moved to Ontario, Canada and obtained a teaching certificate there. 

His educational experience includes work in both urban and rural districts, as well as in public and private schools. Nathan began his student teaching in urban Hartford, CT, at Bulkeley High School. From there, he worked in a small private school in Kitchener, ON. Then, he moved to Vermont where he has worked in a large, public school with mostly rural students. Nathan’s next venture will be in a small private school in northeastern Ohio, as well as teaching online with the state of Vermont. 

In studying nature, Nathan finds ample evidence of the wisdom and mind of God. Natural laws exist everywhere. All evidence to be convinced of God’s existence is there if we will but look to see it. And the more we dig, the more we find. Creation is the handiwork of our Creator-God. It is Nathan’s intention to help students discover this truth for themselves.

Nathan and his wife have been married for more than two decades. They have four children, two of whom work in housing construction and as an EMT, and homeschooling has played a key part in their success.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys reading, writing, swimming, playing the trumpet, visiting with family and friends, and most importantly worshipping God in truth and spirit.