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Pop Quiz Answers


Q 1:  What is the only branch of government established by both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution?

A 1:  The U.S. Congress

Q 2:  According to the Constitution, how many justices should be on the Supreme Court?

A 2:  The Constitution is silent on how many justices should be on the Supreme Court. 

Q 3:  What is the rate of unemployment when the United States economy is considered to be at full employment?

A 3:  3–5%. 100% employment is impossible to achieve, because people will always be encountering frictional unemployment or temporary job changes, etc.

Q 4:  Which Supreme Court decision ruled that segregation in public schools was a violation of the 14th amendment?

A 4:  Brown v. Board of Education.

Q 5:  Does the Federal Reserve buy or sell bonds when it is enacting an expansionary monetary policy?

A 5:  Buy. The Federal Reserve buys bonds on the open market when enacting an expansionary monetary policy. These bond purchases put more money into circulation. While this type of policy is an effort to boost the economy toward growth, in the long run it leads to inflation

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