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Rachelle Ferguson

Rachelle FergusonClassroom Teacher

BA, Hillsdale College

A homeschool graduate and former HSLDA Online Academy student, Rachelle Ferguson received her BA in classical studies and English from Hillsdale College, graduating summa cum laude.

Rachelle is a playwright and teacher from rural Illinois. Her dramas and skits are performed by churches, schools, and homeschool co-ops across the states and in the United Kingdom. She speaks at homeschool conventions and blogs regularly at her website, www.kittywhamproductions.com. In her hometown, she teaches Latin and literature to homeschoolers and leads a Bible study with the teens at her church.

Rachelle plays violin and enjoys graphic design, baking, laser tag, painting, and Sudoku. She reads as much as she possibly can and is trying to learn Mandarin. The closest things to pets that she owns are her car, Margot, and her computer, Christopher, who normally behave themselves quite well.