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Samuel Mattioli

Samuel Mattioli, High School Classroom TeacherMaster Teacher

MS, University of Leicester (UK)

Samuel Mattioli has a Master of Science degree and a diploma in Training and Development from the University of Leicester in the UK.

As a Dale Carnegie Master Trainer, Samuel delivers leadership programs internationally and certifies new trainers in the Dale Carnegie programs. In addition, Samuel is an active teacher at Fremont and Cambridge College. In December 2020, he was awarded Leadership Trainer of the Year by Dale Carnegie and Associates.

In the past, Samuel has been blessed to lead the youth group at his church in Temecula, California. During these times, his wife homeschooled their children through middle school. Years later, when living in the UK, the entire family helped an American pastor start a church in a small coastal town in north Wales. It was quite an adventure to take over an empty old 18th century church, refurbish it, and then invite the entire town to attend the first English speaking service in its history. Samuel also created its first youth group.

Samuel is married with 5 grown children and 9 grandchildren. Currently living in the mountains of Southern California, he and his wife, Wendy enjoy gardening, kayaking, the four seasons that come with mountain living, and family events.