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Biology w/ Lab, Live Online High School Course

Biology (w/ lab)

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 19, 2019–MAY 8, 2020

Biology students will learn about life from the cellular level and up from a Young Earth Creationist view. Students will develop foundational knowledge in biology through assigned readings and exercises, instruction, discussion, experimentation, microscopy, and dissections.

Chemistry w/ Lab, Live Online High School Course

Chemistry (w/ lab)

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 19, 2019–MAY 8, 2020

In Chemistry w/ Lab, students will learn about the building blocks of our world and how they interact with each other on a molecular level. Chemistry at HSLDA Online Academy will include lab work.

Physics w/ Lab, Live Online High School Course

Physics (w/ lab)

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 19, 2019–MAY 8, 2020

In this course, students will develop a strong foundation in high school level physics through experiments, labs, discussions, lectures, and more. Physics w/ Lab will cover general concepts, such as kinematics, energy, waves, electrostatics, circuits, and magnetic fields.

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