HSLDA Online Academy | Week in the Life

Week in the Life

As a homeschooling parent, you probably thrive on flexibility. Occasionally, unexpected events will pop into your life and change your plan for the day. If you attend an on-site co-op class, the lack of flexibility will affect your plans.

This is where online learning excels—students and parents decide when they will do the work in any given week. If your student plays sports or attends debate tournaments, no problem! Online learning easily works around scheduled time commitments because your course content is available 24/7.

Flexible online learning does not sacrifice the best of classroom learning. Teachers give instruction through weekly online live classes, provide feedback on assignments, and answer questions throughout the week. All live classes are recorded and can be watched at your student’s convenience, if it’s not possible to attend at the scheduled time.

An HSLDA Online Academy course is not just a tutorial, but a real class. Your student will join an online community of Christian peers and teachers from around the world and interact with them through email, discussion forums, and live class sessions.

Your student should plan to spend 1-2 hours per day for each class, depending on the course workload and your student’s schedule. Your student can divide this time between attending live class sessions, accessing course materials, and doing homework.

Here is an example of how a week might look for a high school senior enrolled in both our AP® English Literature and Composition and AP® Calculus courses:

(Important syllabus dates marked in red. Examples of other weekly tasks are in italics.) 

A Week in the Life: 
Example Weekly Schedule for an Academy Student







Lit: submit rough draft of poetry analysis paper (1-3 pgs.) to peer writing group







Lit: read 40 pages of 
Crime and Punishment; edit peer group essays

Calc: watch 20 min.
video lecture;
do problem set

Soccer Practice


Lit: email teacher about schedule conflict; post on discussion forum

Calc: post questions about homework on discussion forum

Soccer Practice

Lit: live class session (missed for practice)


Lit: read 30 pages of Crime and Punishment; edit essays for other writing group members;
receive essay edits
from peer group

Lit: watch recorded
live class session

Calc: video lecture; problem set

Soccer Practice

Bible Study


Lit: take quiz
(due Friday)

Calc: video lecture; problem set

Soccer Practice

Calc: live class session (after practice)


Lit: read 30 pages of Crime and Punishment

Calc: use discussion forum feedback to complete homework

Lit: edit final draft of paper

Calc: take quiz
(due Friday)

Soccer Game



Lit: submit final draft of 1–3 pg. paper


This is only an example of what your student could do. Your student can sign up for the live class time of his or her choice. View class times here.

At HSLDA Online Academy, we want your student to get the most out of high school.
Our flexible online courses meet your student’s academic needs and busy schedule! View our full course catalog here.

Questions? Read course details here or contact us at 540-338-8290 or academy@hslda.org.