What will the Moot Court Intensive look like?

Using a classical liberal arts instructional model, the Moot Court Intensive teaches the art of moot court by focusing on the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric that are essential to compelling appellate advocacy.

Grammar: In many respects, the law is its own language with unique terms, phrases, and rules of interpretation and construction, all of which are spelled out in statutes, cases, rules, and regulations. One of the biggest learning curves for moot court is figuring out what all this unfamiliar and often technical language even means. The Intensive is designed to flatten that learning curve for you.

Dialectic: Once participants have learned the terms and phrases, the next step is to figure out how all those rules and cases fit together. The Intensive will take them step-by-step through each case in the moot court problem, analyzing them from both sides (Petitioner and Respondent). How does this case help my position? Where is it weak? What do I do with two cases that appear to contradict each other? And how do I go beyond the “cases” to creating my own “case” for my client?

Rhetoric: Rhetoric takes the grammar and the dialectic, and transforms it into an elegant and persuasive apology for your client. In moot court, this not only includes learning to “argue” well (crafting a technically correct case, emphasizing your strong points and shoring up your weak points), but also learning how to “argue” well when the judges are constantly trying to pull you away from the argument you want to make. There’s no way to fully appreciate the chaos of a moot court round until you’re thrust into the middle of it, and no worse way to sink your tournament hopes than having your “first round” in prelims. The Moot Court Intensive gives you two “first rounds” before your first ballot is cast. Try out your arguments, work on your responsiveness to questions, and get a feel for the thrill of the round in a controlled setting, and receive critique from award-winning members of Patrick Henry College’s internationally acclaimed moot court program.