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Patrick Henry College Scholarship

HSLDA Online Academy Alumni Scholarship for Patrick Henry College

When you take online Advanced Placement® courses through HSLDA Online Academy, every tuition dollar you spend will be matched with a Patrick Henry College tuition scholarship. In other words, you get to use your Academy tuition money twice: once in high school, once in college!

The Academy Alumni Scholarship is matched to the amount you spend on tuition for the Academy's AP® courses from Fall 2014 onward.

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For full details, please visit the Patrick Henry College website or contact the Office of Admissions by phone (540-441-8110) or email (admissions@phc.edu). The Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid is the final authority on scholarship policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the Academy Alumni Scholarship?

    The Academy Alumni Scholarship is a matching scholarship that allows high school students considering Patrick Henry College to get double the benefit for their AP® course tuition money.

    Right now, you get in-depth AP® courses offered through HSLDA Online Academy.

    In the future, you will be eligible to receive a scholarship to Patrick Henry College matched to the amount you spend on tuition for the Academy's AP® courses from Fall 2014 onward.

  • What is the purpose behind the Academy Alumni Scholarship?

    While not every student who studies with HSLDA Online Academy in high school will attend Patrick Henry College in the future, we know that many students who take Academy classes are interested in Patrick Henry College. In Fall 2023, 21% of Patrick Henry College’s incoming freshman class had taken one or more courses with HSLDA Online Academy during high school.

    We understand that paying full tuition for private education is expensive, especially for single-income homeschooling families, whose students make up a large percentage of the demographic in HSLDA Online Academy classes. We want you to continue taking challenging courses in high school that prepare you to be successful in college, knowing that your investment in high school learning now is money set aside for an excellent college education later.

    That’s why HSLDA Online Academy and Patrick Henry College have worked together to create the Academy Alumni Scholarship. It’s more than just a scholarship. It’s a chance to get ahead in high school and not allow finances to stand in the way of accomplishing your goals.

  • Who is eligible to receive the Academy Alumni Scholarship?

    To receive the Academy Alumni Scholarship, you must:

    1. take HSLDA Online Academy AP® courses in Fall 2014 or later
    2. apply and be admitted to Patrick Henry College
    3. maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher while attending Patrick Henry College, to continue receiving the scholarship in subsequent semesters

    For full scholarship terms, please see the Academy Alumni Scholarship page on Patrick Henry College’s website.

  • How may I use my scholarship award?

    The Academy Alumni Scholarship applies to Patrick Henry College tuition only and is spread evenly across eight semesters of college study. Please note, the scholarship is not applicable to Patrick Henry College's Distance Learning program. 

    For full scholarship terms, please see the Academy Alumni Scholarship page on Patrick Henry College’s website.

  • How much scholarship money will I receive?

    Your total scholarship award is matched to the tuition amount you spend on HSLDA Online Academy AP® courses, starting in Fall 2014. For example, if you spend $2,000 on tuition for the Academy's AP® courses, $2,000 will be available toward your Patrick Henry College tuition.

    The following do not count toward your scholarship award:

    1. Tuition for courses taken prior to fall 2014: Tuition spent on HSLDA Online Academy AP® courses prior to the 2014–15 academic year will not count toward the matching scholarship.
    2. Non-tuition expenses: HSLDA Online Academy registration fees and books/materials costs do not count toward the amount of your scholarship award.
    3. Tuition for partially refunded dropped courses: If you drop an HSLDA Online Academy course prior to the add/drop date, the non-refundable portion of your tuition will also not count toward the amount of your matching scholarship.
    4. Discounts: The amount of your scholarship award is matched to the actual tuition paid to HSLDA Online Academy, with any discounts, coupons, and vouchers subtracted; it is not necessarily matched to the full list price of the course.
  • If I have taken courses through HSLDA Online Academy, do I still have to apply for admission to Patrick Henry College?

    Yes—HSLDA Online Academy is institutionally separate from Patrick Henry College. Participation in the Academy’s online AP® classes does not guarantee a student admission to Patrick Henry College, and Academy students must complete the same college application process as all other students.

    For more information about how to apply, please visit Patrick Henry College’s website or contact the Office of Admissions by phone (540-441-8110) or email (admissions@phc.edu).

  • Do my Academy classes count for credit at Patrick Henry College?

    HSLDA Online Academy’s AP® courses are high school courses and do not automatically give students credit at any college. However, students may earn college credit on the basis of qualifying AP® exam scores. The Academy's AP® classes are designed to equip students to perform well on AP® exams.

    To receive credit at Patrick Henry College, you must earn an AP® exam score of 3, 4, or 5. For full AP® Credit Policy information, please scroll down to the “Credit from Other Sources” section of Patrick Henry College’s Transfer Credit Policies page.

    Please note that your eligibility to receive the Academy Alumni Scholarship is not linked to AP® exam performance. Your tuition for a particular HSLDA Online Academy course counts toward your matching scholarship award whether or not you choose to take the corresponding AP® exam and without reference to your AP® exam score.

  • What is distinctive about the Academy's courses?

    In 2009, Patrick Henry College and HSLDA founded HSLDA Online Academy to provide advanced online high school courses taught from a Christian worldview.

    Through online delivery, the Academy makes the academic expertise and spiritual wisdom of Patrick Henry College professors and other excellent Christian teachers accessible to students worldwide.

    We believe Christian high school students should have the opportunity to take academically rigorous courses that strengthen their Christian faith and deepen their understanding of what they believe—courses that teach students how to think, not just what to think.

    The Academy’s AP® courses are equivalent in scope and difficulty to first-year college courses. AP® courses prepare students to achieve high scores on AP® exams, which can qualify them to receive credit or place out of lower-level classes—or both—at most colleges.