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"My daughter has had an amazing experience with HSLDA Online Academy. The quality of education far exceeded our expectations. We are so thankful for you all and are spreading the word to every homeschooler we know. Thanks for all you do!" —Annette, 2017-18 parent

"This class gave me a strong understanding of how to write in different forms and keep it interesting. My teacher constantly challenged me to do my best and to push myself to try new things. I really enjoyed reading and discussing the classics with other teens who had a similar worldview as me." —Carina, New Mexico, English 1 student, 2017-18

"This course far exceeded my expectations. I was a little nervous about the prospect of learning a foreign language online, but my teacher was so nice and helpful, and the videos and assignments were great resources to learn from. My favorite part was that there were fun, Christian activities throughout the year. It was so cool to hear hymns I know in a different language, but also hear new Christian songs that were originally written in Spanish." —Charlotte, Idaho, Spanish 1 student, 2017-18

"This course was an amazing choice! It was the best organized, most educational, and most interactive science course I have ever taken. I hated science before this year, but thanks to this course, I have come to appreciate the hand of God in Creation, and learned and retained so much information about our wondrous planet." —Veronica, Ohio/Belgium, Biology student, 2017-18

“I believe AP® English Language and Composition helped me get ‘ahead of the crowd’ by encouraging me to develop skills like time management and personal responsibility that will stay with me as I enter college. In addition, I gained an expanded vocabulary and a professional writing style that will help me with whichever career path I choose.” —Mackenzie, TX

AP® World History really stretched me, in knowledge and study habits and writing abilities. Despite initial qualms about taking such an intensive type of course, I was swiftly won over by the instructors’ passion for the subject and the way they presented the material through the lens of Scripture. It was unequivocally a great experience for me. I loved this class and would definitely recommend it to other prospective students.” —Elise, CO

“The AP® English Literature and Composition course compelled me to consider hard, deep, meaningful questions about literature and, ultimately, life. I better learned how to work with a syllabus and deadlines, and how to communicate with my teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with my classmates. The work was very challenging but I felt prepared for the AP® exam; I now feel even more ready and excited for college.” —Carmita, PA