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Logic, Live Online High School Course

Logic & Critical Thinking


In Logic & Critical Thinking, students learn how to use and interpret language to reason well. They study logic as the science of thinking, as something found in God’s nature, and which guides all areas of human inquiry. This course will aid students in preparation for the SAT® or ACT®.


Business & Entrepreneurship, Live Online High School Course

Business & Entrepreneurship

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 24, 2020 – MAY 7, 2021

In Business & Entrepreneurship, students will develop the skills they need to succeed as employees, to become business managers, or to start their own businesses. 


Personal Finance & Accounting, Live Online High School Course

Personal Finance & Accounting

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 24, 2020 - MAY 7, 2021

In Personal Finance & Accounting, students will learn how to manage their own personal finances while learning basic accounting principles and practices. Practical applications include creating a personal budget and filing taxes.

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