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Private Schools

Easily expand your high school course offerings.

We’re delighted to support your work as Christian educators through high-quality online courses that are easy to make available to your students.

Here’s what we provide:

Teaching from a Christian worldview – By working with HSLDA Online Academy, you can offer new course subjects without compromising your goals and priorities as a Christian institution.

Excellent academics – Whether you’re looking for standard high school subjects or Advanced Placement® coursework for your upper-level students, your school benefits from quality online courses designed by seasoned educators with academic and practical experience in their respective fields. View available courses.

No overhead costs – You pick exactly which courses you want for your school and pay tuition and fees only for the courses you choose. There are also no minimum enrollment requirements—so you can work with us even if you have only one student who wants to participate.

Group discounts – You pay reduced tuition as soon as six or more online class “seats” are filled by students at your school.  See pricing details.

No extra work for your teachers – Adding online courses for your students shouldn’t add more work for your already-busy teachers! We provide everything your students need—including grading and feedback, accessible teachers who can answer your students’ questions, and technical support.

Flexible scheduling – Your students can complete most of their online coursework at any time during the assigned week, whether during a study hall period or after school hours. Once a week, each class meets for a scheduled online webinar. When you enroll, you can pick the class meeting times that work best for your school’s schedule—and every session is recorded, in case your students can’t be there in person.

Whether you know you want to make online courses available to your students, or you’re visiting our site for the first time and researching the options, we’d be delighted to speak with you!

Contact us by phone: 540-338-8290 (M–F 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Eastern)

Contact us by email:  academy@hslda.org