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AP U.S. Government and Politics, Live Online High School Course

US Government and Politics

TWO-SEMESTER COURSE   |    AUG 23, 2021 - APR 29, 2022

In AP® US Government and Politics, students learn about the origins of the American political system, citizens’ rights and liberties, the three branches of government, parties and elections, policy-making, and how a biblical worldview shapes our understanding of governance and political life.


iCitizen Live, Live Online High School Course

iCitizen Live (Government)


HSLDA Online Academy teamed up with HSLDA's Generation Joshua to bring you iCitizen Live, an interactive, teacher-led civics course designed to prepare your highschooler, or advanced 8th grader, to be an informed and engaged American Citizen.


Constitutional Law, Live Online High School Course

Constitutional Law


In Constitutional Law by Michael Farris, students learn about the foundations of the U.S. Constitution as well as study pivotal Supreme Court decisions affecting religious freedom, abortion, free speech, and judicial review.


AP Microeconomics, Live Online High School Course


ONE-SEMESTER COURSE   |   AUG 23, 2021 - DEC 17, 2021

AP® Microeconomics introduces students to core economic concepts and teaches them to analyze market behavior. Topics include scarcity, supply and demand, competition,  profit, income inequality, the role of government, and a biblical perspective on economic decision making.


AP Macroeconomics, Live Online High School Course


ONE-SEMESTER COURSE   |   JAN 3, 2022 - APR 29, 2022

AP® Macroeconomics introduces students to the operations of the economy on a national and global scale. Topics include economic growth, inflation, unemployment, the financial sector, international trade, economic policy, and a biblical perspective on economic principles and practices.

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