What topics will I learn about in Algebra 1?

Algebra is the study of the relationship between variables.  In Algebra 1, students will study linear, quadratic, and inverse relationships, including their real life applications. Students will also complete a brief unit on statistics, covering measures of central tendency and standard deviation.

Algebra 1 is a gateway course to more difficult math courses students will take in the future.

This course is designed to help students transition from the concrete thinking presented in previous math classes to the implementation and application of relationships that exist between variables and their faith. Throughout the course, students will engage in discussions about their faith, mathematics, and God's handiwork.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Solve single variable equations and inequalities in multiple steps
  • Discuss and analyze key components of linear relationships and equations such as slope, rates of change, and intercepts
  • Write, graph, and solve linear equations in standard form, slope intercept form, and point slope form
  • Solve systems of linear equations and inequalities
  • Simplify expressions using laws of exponents
  • Discuss and analyze key components of quadratic relationships and equations such as zeros, roots, solutions, and the vertex
  • Solve quadratic equations using a variety of methods such as completing the square, factoring, and the quadratic formula
  • Discuss measures of central tendency and standard deviation

The course will cover these topics and skills through recorded video lectures, live online instruction, and accompanying textbook assignments.