Am I ready to take Algebra 2?

Students entering Algebra 2 should have successfully completed Algebra 1 and Geometry. Students should have a firm foundation in the following concepts from Algebra 1 and Geometry: solving multi-step equations, solving inequalities, factoring, exponent rules, solving and graphing quadratic equations, graphing linear equations, graphing quadratic equations, graphing two-variable inequalities, solving polynomials, solving practical problems involving angles and right triangles, constructing and judging the validity of a logical argument, using formulas for surface area and volume to solve problems, and solving problems involving symmetry and transformations. 

If a student is to be successful in this course, it is important that they have strong time management skills, higher-level thinking skills, and good note-taking skills.

For help determining if your student is ready for this course, please use our self-graded Algebra 2 Readiness Test.

Please visit our Academic Readiness page for more information.