Am I ready to take English 4?

This is a high school level course, targeted at the 12th grade year, and is designed to further students’ love for literature by allowing them to take ownership of their ideas. It is designed to challenge students. This class is ideal for students who want to think deeply about how his or her faith is informed by texts that shaped culture. It will be an enriching final high school literature course for students willing to invest in critical engagement via reading, writing, and thinking. It is recommened that students be in a place of emotional maturity before delving into the literature of this course.

It is also for students who want to join an online, collaborative community of learners interested in engaging and challenging each other to be better thinkers. 

It is expected that students taking this course will have an excellent grasp of grammar, will be familiar with MLA formatting, can successfully defend a thesis, can read critically, and will be self-motivated. It is also expected that students will be timely in submitting assignments. Students who successfully completed English 3 will be well prepared for this course. 

Finally, it is expected that students engage their peers and teachers with a Christlike attitude and that they address difficult topics with maturity and sensitivity.