Am I ready to take iCitizen Live?

iCitizen Live is an introductory American civics course for students in high school and 8th grade. Students are expected to be able to read and write at least at an 8th grade level to succeed in this course.

Looking for a course about Constitutional Law? Learn more about Constitutional Law by Michael Farris! This course focuses on landmark Supreme Court cases and their effect on America today. Constitutional Law is a one-semester, 0.5 credit course designed for 10th grade and up.

Want to take an Advanced Placement® U.S. Government & Politics course? Learn more about AP® US Government & Politics! This course focuses on the American political system for advanced students. AP® US Government & Politics is a yearlong, 1 credit course designed for 11th grade and up.

Still not sure which course is best for your student? We've created a recommended course sequence to help you make the right decision for your family.