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Angela Ellis

Angela Ellis, High School Classroom Teacher for Algebra 2Master Teacher

MA, George Mason University
BA, George Mason University

Angela Ellis earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in education from George Mason University. She has more than twenty years of experience teaching secondary math courses from Pre-Algebra through Calculus. Mrs. Ellis has taught math classes at local schools, on online programs, and as a homeschooling mother. She enjoys meeting the challenges that are unique to each learning environment.

Angela currently lives in Loudoun County, Virginia, with her husband and three very active boys. She has a passion for finding mathematics everywhere and for sharing her enthusiasm with anyone who will listen. As Galileo so wisely noted, "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the universe." Angela holds that little nugget of wisdom to be a profound influence behind her teaching and her own love of learning and loves nothing more than to help other people see just how true that statement proves to be.

Angela is the Course Developer and Master Teacher of the Academy’s Geometry course, as well as the Master Teacher for Algebra 2. Prior to her work in these courses, she taught Algebra 1 for the Academy to become familiar with our math program as a whole.

Angela has been teaching with the Academy since 2015.