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Benjamin Guido

Ben Guido, High School Classroom Teacher for Logic & Critical ThinkingMaster Teacher

PhD Candidate, Baylor University
BA, Patrick Henry College

Benjamin Guido began life in Connecticut. He was homeschooled through adolescence and then studied classical liberal arts at Patrick Henry College (PHC) in Virginia. He went on to study philosophy at Baylor University in Texas, where he is currently finishing a dissertation in ethics and philosophy of language on the topic of lying and verbal deception.

While studying at PHC, Benjamin realized his limitless love for teaching and learning. He has taught logic at the college level for several years, and continues to study theory and methodology to improve his teaching. His wife Stephanie, an Academy instructor, helped him develop this course specifically for the Academy’s high school students.

Beyond academics, Benjamin enjoys myriad activities, but chief among them are distance running, playing and teaching piano, tabletop gaming, literature and film, and becoming a handyman around the home. Benjamin enjoys engaging his young daughter and son in everything he pursues, including logic and language.


Benjamin has been teaching with the Academy since 2017.