Cally Henrichs

Cally HenrichsClassroom Teacher

BA, Regent University

Cally Henrichs earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Regent University with High Honors. Her passion for history began at an early age, and has continued throughout her life.

Cally's first job was at Agecroft Hall, a Tudor Museum in Richmond, VA.  She has previously taught US History, History 6, and World History I and II. She has had the opportunity to study and travel throughout the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, and Spain. Such travels have enriched her deep love of history, and provided a hands on experience in some of the world’s most incredible sights. The Reformation, The Victorian Age, World War II, and the American Civil War are among her favorite time periods.

It is Cally's heart and mission to share a passion of learning with her students, as well as encouraging their daily walks with the Lord. She believes the next generation will do great things for the Kingdom, and by learning our nation’s history it is all the more evident to see the hand of the Lord in the past, present, and time to come. It is through equipping our young people now with Truth that they can confidently grow into adults who know and trust the Lord in all things.  

In addition to teaching, Cally enjoys writing and mentoring Youth at her church. Her first book, “Dear Young Sparrow” was released in 2018, and “Unveiled” in 2019. Dear Sparrows is her podcast with an intent to encourage others in their pursuit of a godly worldview and life.  She also enjoys hiking, cooking, travel, and bird watching.

Cally has been teaching at the Academy since 2019 is delighted to teach again.