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Cherise Curby

Cherise CurbyClassroom Teacher

BA, Patrick Henry College

Cherise Curby graduated with a degree in journalism from Patrick Henry College. She pursued a writing career in online journalism, magazines, and fitness blogs, and was surprised to discover a passion for editing along the way. Helping people improve their writing and clearly communicate their thoughts and beliefs soon became a business of its own as Cherise worked with small businesses and non-profits to improve their communication.

Alongside her love for writing and editing grew a love for teaching: be it fitness classes, one-on-one tutoring, ACT prep classes, or homeschooling her own children. As a homeschool grad-turned-teacher, she has a great appreciation for the opportunities and struggles of both the homeschool student and parent. She is very excited to teach for HSLDA Online Academy to help students expand their perspective, skills, and communication abilities.

Cherise lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and reading with her husband and three rambunctious kids.

Cherise has been teaching with the Academy since 2020.