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Christopher VanOosterhout

Christopher VanOosterhout, High School Classroom Teacher for Graphic and Web DesignClassroom Teacher

MBA, Cornerstone University
BBA, Cornerstone University

Christopher VanOosterhout earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in business administration from Cornerstone University. He also maintains certificates in online teaching and digital marketing from organizations such as Google, Hubspot, and others.

Christopher has taught business and computer information systems for 20 years and is passionate about making an impact on students in a way that will be meaningful today and into their future. His teaching experience includes, among other things, subjects like Marketing, eBusiness, Content Management Systems, Advertising, and Personal Finance. 

In addition to teaching, Christopher is an eBusiness strategist with nearly 30 years of eBusiness experience working with non-profits, local small businesses, and multi-billion dollar corporations. This includes director-level oversight of eCommerce operations with more than 500,000 products. Areas of specialization include SEO, Social Media, paid online advertising, end-user experience (UI/UX), and information architecture. Today he helps organizations through a consulting company, Licentia (Freedom/Liberty), LLC.

Christopher lives along the Lake Michigan shoreline with his wife and their four homeschool boys on their hobby farm. He is a privacy advocate with concerns about how our society can leverage data for good decision-making that protects the privacy, security, and humanity of people while promoting the work of the Kingdom.