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Ed Gomes

Ed GomesClassroom Teacher

BS, University of California

Ed Gomes graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Genetics. After moving to Texas, he taught high school science in the public school setting for nine years. During this time, he taught all levels of chemistry, including AP Chemistry, helped develop chemistry curriculum, and was a campus leader in infusing technology in the classroom. Ed is the Assistant Course Developer for this course. 

Ed and his wife have four children whom they homeschool. Ed is responsible for science and read-alouds and actively supports his wife in teaching other areas. He has been a believer since childhood and sees science as a doorway to God’s beauty. He hopes that through this chemistry course, students will be awestruck at God’s wisdom and detail in creating our world.

Ed and his family recently moved to the greater Cincinnati area and he is currently pursuing a Master’s in Educational Technology at Miami University.

He has been teaching for the Academy since 2018.