What topics will I learn about in English 1: Exploring Literature & Writing?

English 1 will prepare students to critically read and respond to a wide variety of literature as they explore the question, “What makes a hero?” Using a Biblical worldview, students will discover and examine heroes and their journeys through a variety of genres including short stories, poetry, novels, drama, and non-fiction. Over the course’s span, students will learn to discuss and write about literature, skillfully analyze and form arguments, and improve their writing through revision. 

English 1 academic writing topics will include thesis statements, topic sentences, evidence, and analysis. Grammar study will review the basic structure of sentences and their parts along with punctation and usage skills to help students achieve flow and clarity in their compositions. Students will also study vocabulary within the context of the literary texts to boost comprehension and encourage them to make use of new vocabulary in their compositions.

Ultimately, English 1 seeks to guide students on their own journeys toward becoming thoughtful readers, critical thinkers, and effective writers in preparation for future English coursework.