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Flex Status

Flex status offers a student full access to a course, including instructional materials, homework assignments, and live class sessions, without the pressure of submitting work for a course grade. It is a good option for those who would like to complete a course on their own timetable, those who prefer their parents to issue their final course grade, or those who are struggling to keep up with course material or deadlines. Flex students may submit work for instructor feedback if they choose, but assignments must be submitted by the specified deadline to be eligible for instructor feedback. Instructors are not responsible for grading assignments which are submitted past the due date.

Students may register for any course as a flex student or may change their enrollment status to flex at any time before the last day of class. Students are allowed to flex some of their courses and leave others in normal status. To request a change to flex status, contact the Academy Administrative Office. Once an enrollment has been changed to flex status, the enrollment cannot be reverted to normal status.

Flex students will not receive a Final Grade Report from HSLDA Online Academy. Students are allowed to list flex-status courses for credit on their transcript—without mentioning HSLDA Online Academy—if their parent or school determines that their work merits high school credit. Parents are encouraged to look at the Canvas gradebook before assigning a grade. To look at your student's gradebook, create a Canvas parent account and follow these steps. However, please note that when a student changes to flex status in an AP® course, it can no longer be designated as "AP®" on the student's transcript. Flex enrollments are also not eligible for dual credit with Colorado Christian University.

Flex status does not qualify a student for any tuition discounts or refunds.