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How much homework is in English 4?

We estimate that the course workload will take 5-7 hours per week.

During a typical week in this course, students will complete the following coursework:

  • 60–90 minutes of live class instruction
  • ~80 pages of reading
  • Weekly discussion with fellow students
  • Reading quizzes every couple of weeks
  • Poetry, rhetorical device, and devotional assignments in rotating sequences
  • Some aspect of the writing process

Throughout the year, students will also complete the following tasks:

  • Periodic video lectures introducing major literary movements, ideas, texts, or instructions (10–15 minutes per lecture)
  • 2 argumentative essays (1,000–1,200 words)
  • Short story and creative poem
  • In-class, argumentative presentation (6-8 minutes)
  • Final exam at the end of each semester