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Fall and yearlong courses begin on August 22.

How much scholarship money will I receive?

Your total scholarship award is matched to the tuition amount you spend on HSLDA Online Academy AP® courses, starting in Fall 2014. For example, if you spend $2,000 on tuition for the Academy's AP® courses, $2,000 will be available toward your Patrick Henry College tuition.

The following do not count toward your scholarship award:

  1. Tuition for courses taken prior to fall 2014: Tuition spent on HSLDA Online Academy AP® courses prior to the 2014–15 academic year will not count toward the matching scholarship.
  2. Non-tuition expenses: HSLDA Online Academy registration fees and books/materials costs do not count toward the amount of your scholarship award.
  3. Tuition for partially refunded dropped courses: If you drop an HSLDA Online Academy course prior to the add/drop date, the non-refundable portion of your tuition will also not count toward the amount of your matching scholarship.
  4. Discounts: The amount of your scholarship award is matched to the actual tuition paid to HSLDA Online Academy, with any discounts, coupons, and vouchers subtracted; it is not necessarily matched to the full list price of the course.