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iCitizen Live

Master Teacher: Jeremiah Lorrig
Duration: One-semester course offered in both fall and spring (16 weeks).
Suggested High School Credit Value: 0.5 credits.
Suggested Grade Level: 8th grade level and up.
Tuition: $404 for HSLDA Members / $449 for non-members

Description: Students are introduced to the fundamental features of the American political system, such as the purpose of the Constitution and the role of American diplomacy on the world stage. They discuss what it means to be patriotic, and the function of patriotism within informed and engaged citizens. Students watch classic films of American cinema (such as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and 12 Angry Men) and keep response journals on the themes they encounter, which makes these theoretical ideas more concrete. This exercise provides students practical examples of virtuous citizenry, all while considering the questions the films raise through a biblical worldview.

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Live Online Class Session Schedule

Fall: August 19, 2024 - December 13, 2024
Spring:  January 6, 2025 - May 2, 2025

Class Section

Weekly Meeting Time


Section 1
Fall:  Open
Spring: Open

Tuesdays, 12:00–1:00 p.m. Eastern*

Mr. Jeremiah Lorrig

Additional class times may be added to the schedule later in the registration period. Please note: all class times are subject to the availability of each individual instructor. See this page for more information. If you have questions, please call 540-338-8290 or email academy@hslda.org.

*This class is 60 minutes long.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I attend summer camps, volunteer for political campaigns, or learn more about government through Generation Joshua?

    Founded in 2003, HSLDA's Generation Joshua has been at the forefront of assisting parents in raising up a new generation of young people to become Christian servant leaders in America. 

    If you're interested in becoming an informed American citizen and an active member of your community, then Generation Joshua is for you!

    Here are a few ways you can get involved:

    1. GenJ Clubs: Students can join or form a club to meet monthly to pray for our nation, carry out civic and community duties, and be ready on short notice to be involved in campaigns for pro-family, conservative candidates.

    2. Civics Education: Students can supplement their iCitizen Live course by taking online, self-paced unit studies that cover the Founding Fathers, Revolutionary War Era Sermons, Founding Documents, the Constitutional Convention, the Federalist Papers, political campaigning, and other exciting topics!

    3. iGovern Leadership Camps: iGovern provides leadership and character development opportunities through real-world crisis-management simulations, team-building challanges, and daily corporate chapel. 

    4. Student Action Teams: Every year, Generation Joshua sends out hundreds of student volunteers to support conservative political candidates across the nation. 

    5. Leadership Corps: Young adults, ages 19-26, can join Generation Joshua's Leadership Corps to volunteer at conference events, assist in leading and mentoring local Generation Joshua Clubs, help organize Student Action Teams, or serve as camp counselors for the iGovern camps. 
  • Students Will Learn

    • How to understand the founding principles of American government
    • How to understand the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial
    • How federalism works at all three levels of government: federal, state, and local
    • How to understand the Bill of Rights and its resulting implications for the American citizenry
    • How the American economics system works, and why economic freedom is important for a free republic
  • How much homework is in iCitizen Live?

    We estimate that the course workload will take 5-7 hours per week. During a typical week, students will complete the following coursework:

    • 60–90 minutes of live class instruction
    • Recorded lecture video
    • Reading or film assignment 
    • One-page response paper
    • 15-35 pages of textbook reading
    • Quiz

    Throughout the semester, students complete a book review, a research paper, a midterm exam, and a final exam.

  • Prerequisites

    iCitizen Live is an introductory course. Students are expected to read and write at an eighth-grade level.

  • What is a Live Online Class Session in iCitizen Live?

    In every HSLDA Academy course, students meet weekly with their instructor and classmates in an online classroom for additional teaching, discussion, Q&A, or group activities. The class sessions are interactive and are conducted using a web meeting software with video, audio, chat, and application sharing capabilities.

    Scheduled, real-time sessions in the online classroom are not the only form of instruction available in a HSLDA Online Academy course, but are offered in addition to lectures or other instructional materials that students are able to access online at their convenience.

    When they register, students will need to select a particular class section and live class meeting time. Additional class sections may be added to the schedule at a later point in the course registration period. Registered students will be notified of any changes to the live session schedule.

  • What if I have a schedule conflict with listed iCitizen Live class times?

    All live class sessions are recorded for later viewing. While it is recommended that students attend each live class session, students can make arrangements to watch the recordings and receive full participation credit.

    Students should contact their instructor at the start of their course to inform the instructor of any foreseen schedule conflicts.