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Jackie Horton

Jackie Horton, High School Classroom Teacher for LatinClassroom Teacher

BA, University of California, Los Angeles

Jackie Horton earned her BA in English at UCLA but has most recently earned a Post Graduate Certificate with Distinction in Latin from the University of Wales, UK. She is currently working towards an MA in classical studies.

Jackie is excited at the prospect of sharing her love of the Latin language with students across the country. Ever since she introduced Latin to her own four children 15 years ago, she has never ceased to be amazed at the incredible tool it is to impart English grammar, exercise critical thinking skills, and cultivate an advanced English vocabulary. For her children, it also served as an excellent springboard to the study of modern Romance languages like Spanish and French. Though her children have grown, Jackie has continued to teach Latin at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels for the last 8 years at Trinity Pacific Christian School in Southern California.

When not translating Caesar or Cicero, she loves to read historical fiction, especially any books that bring to life the ancient places of the Bible. She also enjoys running, biking, skiing (water and snow), and generally just being outdoors basking in the sun with her husband and best friend of 30 years. Jackie currently resides in California.

She has been teaching with the Academy since 2016.