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Laura Priano

Laura Priano, High School Classroom Teacher for Algebra 2Classroom Teacher

BS, Geneva College

Laura Priano earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education from Geneva College. Since then, she has taught in a variety of settings, including a Christian school, a cyber charter school, and a homeschool group. In addition, she has tutored numerous individuals. Each experience has stretched her and made her a better guide for students learning mathematics.

Laura loves the way our Creator has fashioned and formed the universe to declare His glory. Mathematics is a tremendous example of the way He has perfectly fit it all together, and Algebra is one of her favorite ways to explore His masterpiece. Even when she stepped away from teaching in school to homeschool her own children, she has found herself jumping at opportunities to help friends and family members with math problems. She is thrilled to be teaching at the Academy.

Laura lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and five energetic children. She is a faithful baseball and hockey fan. In their 10+ years of marriage, she and her husband have enjoyed traveling throughout the United States to visit ballparks (sometimes accompanied by the children). When she has a spare moment, she also loves to read, sing, and sew. She and her husband are very active in their home church.

Laura has been teaching with the Academy since 2017.