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If you want quality online instruction, you've come to the right place. All of our courses are carefully crafted with excellent content and a biblical worldview. Our instructors are extensively reviewed, qualified to teach from a biblical worldview, and eager to see their students succeed. The feedback from our yearly student and parent surveys is overwhelmingly positive. Here's a selection of what students and parents say about our courses.

Video Feedback



Parent Feedback

  • HSLDA courses are a perfect addition to our homeschool!  - Linda, NC
  • My son’s HSLDA course was his favorite part of his homeschool year. His teacher made the class fun and engaging, while the class interaction added to the experience. He always had a great story for me after his weekly class! It was definitely worth the investment. We plan to use HSLDA Academy classes for his entire high school experience.  - Kristen, OH
  • It was our first time taking a live class online and we're so glad it was with HSLDA.  While we needed to adjust to being in an online classroom at first, the breakout rooms really increased peer interactions which we loved and our instructor was great at getting everyone to participate.  The students were also polite, friendly and supportive of one another.  We're excited to take more classes with HSLDA!   - Julie, GA
  • This program helped shore up an area that my daughter was very competent, but that I do not teach well. It took pressure off of both of us, made the experience enjoyable, albeit challenging! I highly recommend HSLDA Academy as support for any subject needed!  - Molly, MO
  • HSLDA Online Academy's Geometry course was the first online class our son completed, and we couldn't be more delighted about his experience!  Mrs. Ellis is specially gifted in making the course fun for the students.  We believe the course was challenging and rewarding for our son and appreciate the opportunities he had to foster relationships with the other students as well.  We immediately enrolled his younger brother in classes for this next year, and he's excited, too!  - Sam, OH
  • Taking HSLDA Online Academy courses has been a great experience for both of my high school students. The clear expectations and hard deadlines have helped them learn to budget their time more effectively. The teachers are caring and have gone above and beyond to help their students grasp the course content. I also love that they are believers and integrate their faith into the course as appropriate. I highly recommend HSLDA Online Academy!  - Suzanne, NJ
  • At the beginning of the school year, our senior student didn't have a sense of direction for the future.  After taking the Business and Web Design classes. She now has a direction for her future.  Both classes continue to fuel her creative passions and have expanded her skills. For the first time she was excited about school.   - Tammy
  • My son has received a first rate education with HSLDA.  We started by taking classes where I felt I was weak in instructing him.  He enjoyed them so much he chose to take a wider variety of classes from HSLDA.  Their teachers are real educators and have taught my son to enjoy subjects he didn't previously.  Their system is very well organized so that my son could learn how to manage his fairly complex schedule independently.  They utilize social media well in a way that allowed my son to have peer interactions that he really longed for.  - Melanie
  • My children have taken English, History and Spanish through HSLDA Online Academy. These have been a blessing to my family and me. In particular, English (well writing) is a place that I struggle to coach and objectively grade. Not only did this take that task out of my hands but the children were taught at a level that they were able to transition straight to the Community College by their junior year in High School. In addition the teachers have a true passion and love for what they do. They want to see the children do well and provide excellent feedback along the way to allow the students to see how to improve and grow. I cannot recommend these courses enough!  - Jackie
  • I sought a writing course for my son whom I feel is a gifted writer however, he didn’t believe me because I’m Mom.  Since writing is not my strong suit, my hope was for someone to grow him as a writer and reinforce what I knew to be true about his writing skills.  We were so beyond blessed with Ms. Devon Kelly in the Foundations in Writing class! Her critiques, comments, suggestions, and praises went so far above and beyond what I ever hoped for! My son left the class having grown tremendously in his writing and analytical skills but believing that he really is blessed in this area.   - Academy Parent
  • The iCitizen Live course was extremely informative for our son. I hope every homeschooled child gets a chance to take such a great course in civics. It engendered a lot of good discussions for our family.  - Gwen

Student Feedback

Want to see what real students say about our courses? Click on a course below to see specific feedback from students.

English & Writing
  • Foundations in Writing

    "I have had an amazing experience with Foundations in Writing. The students are super nice and my teacher is phenomenal. This course taught me how to manage my time better and become a better writer." —Sophie, Michigan

    "Overall, I really enjoyed this online writing class this year at HSLDA Online Academy. I loved my teacher and will miss her next year. The kids in the class were amazing and, even though we don't get to see each other, I feel like we still got to bond a lot. My writing greatly improved throughout this class and I am much more confident coming out of it. Despite the grammar being difficult, I loved the four novels that we read and the writing assignments were pretty exciting." —Linnea, Virginia

    "I used to never like writing until I started taking this course. I was able to understand the concepts in a fun and interesting way, and now I really like writing!" —Rachael, Utah

    "This is an incredible course! It has helped me learn so much!" —Carianne, Texas

    "I loved this course completely and wholly. I enjoyed studying with fellow Christians, and my course which seemed intimidating was explained well and didn't need worrying about. Of course, concentration is mandatory, but I loved being able to interact with other people during school!" —Benjamin, Georgia

    "This course was phenomenal in all aspects; the teacher was great, the material stuck with me, and the fellow students I learned with couldn't have been any more delightful." —Noah, Guam

    "This was my first year using online schooling and I highly recommend HSLDA Online Academy to anyone who is looking into an easy way to homeschool. The camaraderie between everyone and our teacher really helped me adjust from the atmosphere of regular schooling. I think that the spiritual implications also helped to grow my relationship with God and to improve my character. I also am very appreciative of my teacher's hard work and time put into helping us understand what we were learning. Finally I want to say to all my fellow students that I had a great time with them this year, talking in class, learning about everyone's backgrounds, hobbies, dreams, and goals, and having such a great experience with them." —Lucca, Maine

  • English 1: Literature & Writing

    "I started this class thinking I was going to do poorly because I was not very good at writing. But now, with the help of Mr. Nelson and my classmates, I can write well with proper grammar. I used to write only 1–2 pages, but my last essay was 6 pages long! This class really helped me find my inner writer. I definitely recommend this course!" —Mark, New Jersey

    "Although you will spend a few hours each day on this course, those hours will serve you well when you take English/Writing courses in the future! While this class never exceeded my ability, it definitely stretched me, and it will stretch you, too. This was my favorite class this year! With all the books you will read in this course, you will take away things that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Mr. Nelson is a wonderful teacher! I can’t say anything bad about him. I loved all his outfits (he always dressed up for class). He always answered any questions I had, no matter how big or small they were, whether it was the hundredth time I was emailing him, or it was a few minutes after class. Since he is a preacher, we always got a mini sermon during class which is awesome! He always made class time fun. I will sorely miss him when I finish this class, I’m sure I’ll never have a teacher like him. I hope God blesses him for his humble service to all us kids through teaching English 1. If you are considering taking this course, take it!" —Savannah, Florida

    "When I started taking classes with HSLDA Online Academy I was very nervous and in a way scared, because I had no clue what to expect. Now, almost a full year in, I've really enjoyed getting to know different teens like me and learning more about English, which I believed I already knew. My teacher is amazing and I look forward to classes every week!" —Angela, Ohio

    "There are so many different English classes that I could have taken, but God led my parents and me to HSLDA Online Academy and Mrs. Luciano, and I am so thankful He did. She is a godly influence and cares about all of her students." —Riley, Tennessee

  • English 2: World Literature & Writing

    "Our teacher is great! She teaches class well and with a Christian worldview, and it is easy to tell that she wants us to learn something from this class. We receive very helpful feedback on our assignments and are always taught what we need to know in order to complete them. We covered a wonderful variety of literature from a Christian perspective!" —Rachel, Pennsylvania

    "This course really helped me become more aware of literature and historical events from around the world. It's like peeking into other cultures and experiencing part of their history through reading. The work is challenging, but there is definitely a significant reward." —Delia, Connecticut

    "This particular course is very literature and writing focused. Taking this course has made me more confident in my writing. If you don't know how to 'critically' read a book before this class, you definitely will by the end. This class has taken some very intimidating concepts and made them tangible and painless." —Sharifa, New Mexico

    "If you always thought you hated English, this class will change your mind! It is well organized and teaches English in a way that feels useful for your future!" —Julianna, California

    "HSLDA Online Academy has the best online classes I have ever taken. The website is easy to use and the live classes are convenient and help you learn with slides. The teachers are always available for questions, and you are never left in the dark. You also get an Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas break, so that's awesome. I've enjoyed this class and will always use HSLDA Online Academy for my online classes." —Mac, Florida

    "The course effectively hones writing skills in a God-honoring way. My ability to write and discern literary nuances has become much improved throughout this course. English 2 has very simple and easy assignments, yet they still have enough difficulty to ensure a worthwhile learning experience." —Thomas, Indiana

    "Mrs. Morin is an outstanding English teacher! Her insight and optimism help make learning fun. If one is aspiring to higher academic standards and learning, then look no further then Mrs. Morin and HSLDA Online Academy!" —Hannah, South Carolina

    "This is the best online curriculum I have EVER done! Everything, from the teachers, to the course work, to the details of the website, is so well planned and mapped out! The curriculum makes me want to try harder and truly learn!" —Jayden, Florida

    "I thoroughly enjoyed this course and thought that it was challenging while also being captivating. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good literature course." —Aniella, Pennsylvania

  • English 3: American Literature & Writing

    "This course has helped me grow by teaching me how to process and think about literature and poems. As I've gone through this year, I have realized the great impact this course has had on my daily life and thought processes." —Lillian, Texas

    "HSLDA Online Academy seems to be one of the best ways to learn things classically! It seems they not only teach us what to think, but how to think. I've learned so much about rhetorical devices, grammar, and things I would have never learned if I hadn't taken this class! The fact that it's online means I can learn these great things anywhere! It's also making a huge impact by teaching me how to be respectful and professional on the internet, which can be a hard thing to do ;). And I know I have learned a great deal that will help me for the rest of my life! HSLDA Online Academy never ceases to be fun!" —Lydia, North Dakota

    "English 3 has pushed me to become a better student and a better writer. My teacher was extremely helpful and always did whatever she could to help me understand the materials." —Alyson, California

    "This course has helped me have a deeper appreciation for literature, particularly American literature. The classes are engaging and the teacher is wonderful! Every time I’m struggling with something, we discuss it and learn something new" —Emilie, California

    "It was so nice to be taught from a Christian perspective." —Anna, Texas

  • English 4: British Literature & Writing

    "I have taken multiple classes with HSLDA Online Academy. I began my sophomore year, and this is my last year in high school. There are so many more classes I wish I could take. I have been especially blessed by the English classes. They have challenged me to ask deeper questions about the books I read and to explain my thoughts on the text. Before, I had never actually thought about the books I read. I would read one, do an internal check to see if I enjoyed it, and then move on to the next one. Now I have learned to treasure books. Sometimes I open a book, read a sentence, and before I even know what is happening I lean back and get all excited because the sentence was exquisitely written. I sometimes still rush through some books (sometimes they are just too exciting to wait!), but many times I read each sentence like a treasure. I love to feel books in my hand, to turn the pages, to look up at my shelf full of future reads and feel as if I am surrounded by friends." —Grace, Minnesota

    "I grew a lot in overall maturity from my classes with HSLDA Online Academy. They helped me expand my Christian worldview, showed me what high-quality online courses look like, and taught me high standards in my work." —Ethan, California

    "I found HSLDA Online Academy's courses to be very helpful in several different aspects. First, it was nice to have a teacher who was very knowledgeable about the material. My teacher made the material interesting, and explained it in a way that was very understandable. Second, I really enjoyed having a live class every week, as it allowed for more personal interactions with both the teacher and fellow students. Third, I found the class material and course work very well organized and easy to understand. While the work was challenging, it was presented in a way that made me desire to learn and grow. Finally, I loved the fact that the course integrated a Christian worldview into the entire curriculum, so it not only allowed me to grow in knowledge, but also in spirit." —Ashlyn, Kentucky

    "My favorite part of this course was that we had the opportunity to write our own discussion questions instead of only responding to pre-written prompts. It was interesting to see what other students had thought about the text, to respond to their questions, and to read their responses to my questions." —AnnaLeah, Connecticut

    "British Literature gave me a sense of confidence and encouraged me to believe that I could succeed in the world." —Abrianna, Colorado

    "Through each discussion and assignment, I developed tools to understand God in a more profound way. I learned how to understand the way in which truth and morality lead to freedom and divine glory. I am invigorated with passion to apply these principles to my life with more fervor and to share the ideas with those around me." —Sofia, California

    "In this class you'll enjoy fantastic British writers such as C. S. Lewis, Charlotte Bronte, Oscar Wilde, and Shakespeare! With extensive weekly discussion boards, this class involves a lot of writing. However, with active participation and good effort, you are sure to succeed and to become a more able writer." —Anne, Maine

  • AP® English Language and Composition

    "In AP® English Language & Composition, I developed a love for English that I have NEVER known. This course integrates a Christian worldview with the development of writing skills, the ability to annotate difficult texts, and the furthering of knowledge about words, fallacies, and rhetorical devices!" —Kristen, Virginia

    "I have loved taking AP® English Language & Composition with HSLDA Online Academy. The course content is organized clearly, and live sessions balance teacher instruction with student interaction. The assignments synthesize to strengthen students' writing abilities and comprehension, thoroughly preparing them for the culminating AP® exam. I'm so thankful for everything that I have learned from this course!" —Kenda, Virginia

    "AP® English Language & Composition was an amazing experience for me. As my first AP® class ever, I feel it was a great one to get my feet wet. Throughout the year, I made friends and learned more than ever before from any previous English class. The material is presented in a setting that is easy to understand, but you should be ready for a large workload. I look forward to taking future HSLDA Online Academy classes!" —Jonathan, New York

    "AP® English Language & Composition has been one of the best courses I have ever taken. I came into this course with the intention of polishing my writing skills so that whenever I write an article, I can present my arguments in a respected, professional manner that persuades readers. I love to write, and this course has shown me how to hone my skills to the best of my ability. I now can read philosophy, understanding and even enjoying authors such as Cicero or Sertillanges. My punctuation skills have diversified immensely, and even in my everyday life I find myself implementing what I've learned in this course—I've even become my older brother's editor for his college papers!" —Jenna, Illinois.

  • AP® English Literature & Composition

    "This course is nothing short of amazing! Christian perspectives are integrated is such an awesome way! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to study literature with a Christian perspective!" —Liana, California.

    "If you are looking for a course that offers in-depth examinations of classic literature such as Paradise Lost, Gulliver's Travels, and Dante's Inferno then this is the class for you. The course offers diverse assignments that are not boring at all, and are often challenging. One day you might be making discussion posts on the themes of a classic, and the next day recording a short performance of said book. Even I, definitely not a literature person, enjoyed this class, so you might too!" —Aaron, Tennessee

    "AP® English Literature and Composition is a great next step from the Academy's other English courses. Those who a) have taken several English courses already and b) have a love for literature and writing will do best in this course. This course has broadened my understanding of humanity, solidified my love for literature, and strengthened my walk with God. As a young adult, I feel that this course has equipped me to stand firm in Truth as I begin to venture out into college, into the world, and into the unknown." —Elizabeth, Virginia

    "Throughout my highschool years, HSLDA Online Academy classes have taught me how to write well and think critically." —Micah, Connecticut

  • Pre-Algebra

    "Mrs Kipp is a really great teacher. She's always prepared and ready to help us. I definitely recommend this course." —Abigail, Virginia

    "I am very well pleased with this course. My teacher and classmates are ready to help me when I am having trouble, and class is always fun!" —Tiffany, Massachusetts

    "HSLDA’s Pre-Algebra has helped me to understand area’s where I struggled. I have enjoyed watching the lectures and particularly was grateful for the weekly live summary and explanation.” —Malachi, South Carolina

    "Attending live classes here at HSLDA Online Academy has taught me so much! For once, I actually enjoy Mondays when I have classes. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a better school curriculum. Another thing that I really like is that although being home schooled makes it hard to make friends, I sort of have friends in my live classes! We all talk in our small groups and do projects with one another. So, yes, I am very satisfied with this class and I would recommend it to any and every one of my friends."—Anonymous student

  • Algebra 1

    "I have LOVED this online course, even though I'm taking some of the most 'boring' classes required for high school. My teachers have explained them very well and for the first time ever I have enjoyed school! My fellow students were very friendly and I have made strong friendships with a few of them." —Benjamin, Georgia

    "I have learned so much from this course, it is very straight forward and does not disappoint. I like it better than all of my other math curriculums in the past." —Lydia, New Hampshire

    "This class has honestly taught me a great deal. I was provided with the opportunity to meet some great classmates along with an amazing teacher. I have learned so many concepts and new ways to see and solve things!" —Charissa, Texas

    "Algebra 1 is, naturally, a difficult class, therefore I spend a substantial amount of time on it every day, and so will you, but on the whole, I have been satisfied with the course material and the way it is represented. Mrs. Jackson is a wonderful teacher and always answers any questions I have without judging me or looking down on me in any way. One of my favorite things about class is that she has all of the students type in the chat what their prayer requests are, and she lets one of the students use their mic and pray for everyone if they want to. I have done it several times, and it is just a really neat time to fellowship with other believers and share each other’s burdens. This course will definitely prepare you well for Algebra 2! It is definitely worth your time!" —Anonymous student

  • Geometry

    "When I began this course, I wasn't super excited about it. But, I found it to be fun, engaging, well taught, and very easy to understand without being too simple for those who like a challenge! My teacher, Mrs. Ellis, was amazing and made math so fun for her students! I really enjoyed this course!" —Sophia, California

    "The HSLDA Online Academy courses I have taken have really helped me spiritually and educationally. I have had a great experience with every class I have taken and have learned many useful skills such as tech knowledge and how to work with people online. The teachers are incredible and highly qualified." —Anna, Georgia

    "Before I started classes with HSLDA Online Academy I felt like I was behind all my peers academically. I've been taking classes through HSLDA for three years now and I'm confident that I'm learning at the same level (if not a higher one) as my public and private school peers. As a homeschooler, I've enjoyed the opportunity to learn alongside other students. HSLDA has done a great job in providing material that prepares students for college." —Sharifa, New Mexico

    "This course has made me love math when before I thought it was a bore and just hard work. I thought learning Geometry would be really hard but I enjoy it so much and it's actually fun!" —Joscelyn, Ohio

    "All throughout the year I had anxiety, but Mrs. Ellis was really good at getting on top of the problem and helping me through it. Mrs. Ellis is always nice in class and always makes me smile, even when we are learning something hard. You can tell she REALLY cares for her students." —Christian, Mississippi

    "The course is very organized and easy to use. The instructor is knowledgeable, and is quick with responses and grading. Live classes are arranged well, and the discussion posts are lots of fun. The course definitely inspires creative application of the concepts. I would recommend it!" —Hannah, Maryland

  • Algebra 2

    "I have grown significantly in my knowledge of math throughout this course, but I have also been challenged in good ways by the material. This course is thorough in presenting the concepts and always provides helpful study guides for quizzes and tests." —Elisabeth, North Carolina

    "Algebra 2 with Mrs. Priano is an absolutely amazing class! Mrs. Priano makes it a very enjoyable and stress-free year. She is positively wonderful at helping students understand the concepts of the course. There were times I would attend class thinking it would take a miracle for her to help me understand that week's material, but I came out of class in amazement because she had explained the concepts in such a way that I felt very prepared for the test. I would greatly recommend taking Mrs. Priano's class!" —Alexis, Indiana

    "This course has been a huge help to me personally in understanding the topic of Algebra 2. It is a challenging course, however the teachers are extremely helpful and respond in the time frame very quickly. They are also very professional in their live sessions and other settings. This course has been very helpful to me in preparing me for future math courses and understanding the topic." —Camden, Texas

    "Because of this course, I now am able to understand things that seemed impossible!" —Ethan, California

    "This course was a fun, challenging course. Mrs. Ellis was a fantastic teacher and I had the most fun doing math this year than I have ever before. Every live class was super fun, and it went by very quickly. The amount of work every week was not overwhelming, but it was not a light amount of work either. I learned a lot of new material this year and it also taught me how to use a graphing calculator. I would definitely recommend this course to any students who are unsure if they should take it." —Mathias, California

    "I would highly recommend this class to students who are looking for a great Algebra 2 class. I have learned so much about Algebra through this class. The course teachers do a great job of explaining the main concepts and ideas, as well as providing real life applications for the topics. I am so thankful to have taken this class this year." —Jake, Kentucky

  • Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry

    "I took the Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry course with Mrs. Paige Jackson. I went into it thinking that it would be very hard for me based on my past math classes, but I was proven wrong. I have found that this HSLDA Online Academy course has broken a complex and confusing subject down into an easy and understandable study." —Anonymous student

    "After hearing that Pre-Calculus was a difficult course, I did research on which online school had the best resources to offer. HSLDA Online Academy was the only one that offered both live lectures and additional resources, such as pre-recorded lectures for each lesson. I learned a ton during this course!" —Fiona, South Carolina

    "Math has NEVER been one of my strong suits in my public and/or homeschool experiences. I've always struggled with it, no matter how much I study or how much it is demonstrated to me. However, this course has not only encouraged me to step out of my bubble of defeat by studying harder and asking for help, it has brought me a better understanding of mathematics in general. And really, once it finally clicks, it's not so bad at all. I 100% recommend this class to anyone who loves math, or for someone who feels like their math skills could use some fine-tuning. It can get intense at times, but practice makes perfect, I promise!" —Summer, Missouri

    "I had been doing a different math curriculum and it just wasn't working for me. Having an actual teacher and interactive class time has helped me a lot." —Anonymous student

  • AP® Calculus AB

    "Calculus can be hard but it all connects, which I really enjoy. It's like everything you've learned comes together to create a big and beautiful picture (kinda like what God does with our lives). There is a lot of memorization so be sure to use those flashcards!" —Serena, California

    "This course has given me so much more knowledge in the math area, while still having a Christian perspective, with everyone being so helpful and kind to each other. I have also enjoyed how we can get to know each other through the 'student of the week' thing." —Teyah, Washington

    "This course was very well put together. The video lectures contained several useful examples, and the homework really challenged me to expand on new skills that I had learned." —Alexandra, North Carolina

    "If you choose to take this course, you will profit from what you learn. You will be challenged and have a lot of fun in the process. This class was hard for me, but pushing through the challenges along with my other classmates was a lot of fun! I encourage you to take this class." —Josiah, Georgia

    "AP® Calculus AB is a great course to take through HSLDA Online Academy. The course is designed well and the teacher is great. The course is designed in a way that it does not push you right in to new material so it is not overwhelming. The weekly assignments are manageable and beneficial." —Lincoln, Missouri

  • Biology

    "This class is awesome! I learned so much that I will actually remember, even when class is over. I would highly recommend it to any student that needs a Biology credit." —Amelia, Colorado

    "I have never enjoyed any subject as much as Biology with HSLDA Online Academy. I have the best teacher and she makes me actually want to do school." —Sophia, Florida

    "HSLDA Online Academy is an amazing online school! I always know what is expected of me and when assignments are due. The classes are organized and easily accessible. All the staff are friendly, and very easy to work with. The teachers are well-prepared, and ready to help you learn even more. HSLDA Online Academy incorporates a Christian Worldview very well, and I really appreciate learning more of Christ and His creation through the Academy!" —Allyssa, Missouri

    "I never cared for biology, as it was difficult for me to understand. But this course made biology something fun and I actually looked forward to certain lessons. The teacher does an amazing job making the class interactive and I actually learn, not just memorize. I am very impressed!" —Abigail, Florida

    "As a student who does not typically enjoy science, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Mrs. Stillman is a phenomenal teacher. She explains everything in an effective and enticing way. The way the course is designed makes it extremely simple to complete and submit assignments on time. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who needs/wants to take biology!" —Rachel, New Jersey

    "This is my second year using HSLDA Online Academy and I really enjoy it. The teachers are amazing and teach very well. I love how the material is written from a Christian worldview and I always learn so much. I have made great friendships with people who have similar beliefs as I do. Overall HSLDA Online Academy is great and I hope to use it in the coming years." —Samantha, New York

  • Chemistry

    "I never knew chemistry could be so fun, and I feel as though this course has brought me closer to God!" —Katharine, Virginia

    "This course has helped me to better understand how God's creation functions chemically! It has been amazing to study the incredible amount of detail and design in everything—from ice ponds and rainbows to molecules and elements! Even though I don't want to become a chemist, I am coming away from this course with a better appreciation for how the world around me works, and for the God who created it all." —Elizabeth, Virginia

    "Chemistry with HSLDA Online Academy is very informative! I learned a lot and the teacher is very helpful. I feel like I really understand the basics of Chemistry!" —Elisabeth, Ohio

    "At first, it was my mother who enrolled me in one class, and it was not my favorite subject at all. However it was my instructor who inspired me to give that course my best. When I reached out and contacted her for help on a difficult topic, she was prompt to respond and helped me sort out my questions quickly. Now I am mastering the subjects and raising my grades!" —Makensie, Virginia

    "This Chemistry course was amazing! I really like how all the work for the week is laid out in the assignments page so that I know exactly what I have to do for that week. The video lectures were really helpful in explaining things that I didn’t understand when I read the textbook. My teacher did an awesome job at creating an encouraging classroom dynamic and guiding us through the tricky bits of material. The other students in my class were really nice and I had fun getting to know them while I took this course!" —Jessica, Virginia

  • Physics

    "Science used to be my least favorite subject before I took this class in physics! My teacher and classmates made every class session really fun and engaging. Physics was definitely my favorite class I took this year." —Fiona, South Carolina

    "At the beginning of the year, I was expecting Physics to be one of my least favorite classes. To my surprise, this class has been one of my best and I have enjoyed many aspects of it thanks to the online materials and the live class sessions." —Lillie, Minnesota

    "This course gives you a broad overview of the world through physics and the Bible. I was continually learning new fascinating things about how God created our world and science’s application to our life and faith. This is the perfect course for learning about the mathematics behind creation." —Alexis, Colorado

    "I absolutely loved taking physics with HSLDA! The format of the course was well organized and easy to understand, and the live classes were a lot of fun. The homework was challenging, but certainly not overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in taking basic physics." —Alex, Ohio

Government & Economics
  • AP® US Government and Politics

    "Studying AP Government with HSLDA has been the highlight of my senior year! It is utterly fascinating studying the founding documents in such depth and being able to share ideas with Ms. McElvain and fellow classmates! I would highly recommend anyone to take it, you won't regret it!" —Elisabeth, Ohio

    "HSLDA gave me the incredible opportunity to go in depth about the United States government with a Christian worldview that is so rare to find in other learning materials. I truly appreciate the level of knowledge that the teacher brought to each class and made each subject interesting and memorable." —Ella, South Dakota

    "HSLDA Online Academy provides clear information, helpful guides, and a curriculum that will prepare you for the AP® exam and for life. I guarantee you will be a better citizen by the end of the course." —Noah, Virginia

    "This course deepened my understanding of the workings of United States government and politics. Especially in today's society, where the actions of government have a tremendous impact, understanding U.S. government and politics is critical to our roles as citizens." —Corrie, California

    "This class is a journey through civics that many do not traverse. I have found much fulfillment in learning the functions of government and have learned to cherish our institutions and the remarkable things they accomplish. The class is not simply a brain dump of facts and titles; rather, it demonstrates the concepts that surround government such as heritage, philosophy, and duty. This course has reaffirmed my belief that, 'Democracy must be learned by each generation.'" —Liam, Texas

  • iCitizen Live

    "Mr. Lorrig is a really fun teacher! I look forward to every class, this class has really helped me to be rooted in my beliefs, and be able to back them up with facts." —Seth, New Hampshire

    "This class is very well thought out, and clearly explains everything the student will need to learn to succeed in politics. There is a clear Christian worldview permeating this course as well, ensuring that the environment is clean and supportive. Students desiring to learn more about government will not be disappointed by this class!" —Elijah, California

    "Mr. Lorrig is one of the most engaging teachers I've had, and because of this course I have gotten to learn about things that fascinate me in an understandable and manageable way." —Lydia, Michigan

    "This course, iCitizen Live, is an amazing course that will inform you about America's government, how it works, and more. This is my favorite class this year because it has taught me so much about my country. I definitely recommend taking it if you're interested in government or not. It's a wonderful and very interesting class!" —Claire, Missouri

    "iCitizen Live is a great class! It's taught me so much about government even things that most adults don't even know. you're super lucky if you get Mr. Lorrig he's the best teacher I've ever had! I know you'll have a blast. It's a lot of work, but well worth it." —Asher, Virginia

  • Constitutional Law

    "Constitutional Law is a fascinating and informative course that makes tough Supreme Court cases simple and easy to understand!" —Elisabeth, Ohio

    "Constitutional Law has opened my eyes and given me a deeper perspective of the history behind the laws and regulations in America today. The foundation this course has given me has equipped me not to take for granted what anyone says, but to look to the true intent of the Constitution to discern what is and what should be taking place in our country. Not only is the course informational, but it's extremely interesting and gives basic constitutional knowledge that I believe everyone in America needs." —Libby, Washington

    "This course is amazing and Mr. K does a wonderful job teaching it!"—Karoline, Alaska

    "HSLDA's Constitutional Law class engages students, submerses them into the Constitution and its implications for government and law, and gives them the tools to analyze new Supreme court cases and the actions of the government. Though I personally enjoy law, the class brought together students from all across the country, with a widespread variety of interests and hobbies, to learn about the document that is the foundation of the United States. Not only did we learn about and study cases relating to specific clauses and amendments, but we also learned about the history of the Constitution, the various ways it has been interpreted by the Supreme Court, and the implications on our daily lives. I highly recommend this course to any student wishing to have a better understanding of the Constitution, and what it means for our nation." —Victoria, Washington

  • AP® Microeconomics

    "I'm not a numbers person, so I was a little bit worried about taking this class. But it's great! Everything is broken down into manageable pieces, the teachers are very knowledgeable and kind, and the students are tons of fun. I would definitely recommend taking this class whether you want college credit or just a great experience." —Abi, Texas

    "Mrs. Miller is an excellent teacher, I really like how she cares more about if you know the material, than what your grades are. She really cares about the students, and really wants to help you do well." —Seth, New Hampshire

    "I am in love with HSLDA's classes! I like to know what is expected of me and LOVE the accountability of getting your work in by a certain time. I did not know that AP® was an option for homeschoolers and I wish I had started HSLDA Online Academy sooner." —Liana, California

    "Mrs. Miller somehow explains complicated economic concepts so that we understand and can complete our assignments and also genuinely cares about our lives. She is a wonderfully positive teacher, who will be laughing hilariously at a student's dad joke one moment and analyzing elasticity of supply in a goods and services market the next. I did not think I would succeed at microeconomics, because I am the classic humanities/history guy who couldn't care less about factor markets and the underlying math, but Mrs. Miller has proved me wrong and has caused me to enjoy the challenge of learning the course material! If you are looking for an effective and engaging study on microeconomics and desire a teacher who shares her faith joyfully while simultaneously explaining difficult concepts, then AP® Microeconomics with Mrs. Miller is for you." —James, Virginia

    "My HSLDA teacher turned difficult content into interesting and exciting material. She was always open to explaining a concept and making sure to help us do the best we could in the course. She was gracious when I had to turn in an assignment late and always working to prepare us for the AP® test. Overall, I had an outstanding experience with HSLDA online classes." —Abigail, Colorado

    "This class is fun and very interesting which are two words I had never before associated with economics! I recommend taking this class because the work is enough for you to learn but just enough so you do not feel overwhelmed!" —Helen, Ohio

  • AP® Macroeconomics

    "This course gave me the valuable tools I need to be successful not just in college, but in life!" —Elise, Louisiana

    "HSLDA AP® Macroeconomics has probably been the most practical and obviously applicable course that I've taken this year. Understanding the flow of money and services through various markets and the differences between fiscal and monetary policy has made me a more capable follower of the news. Mrs. Miller is a wonderful teacher, who transmits a comprehensive grasp of information from our textbook and distills it into understandable segments in every class. What I appreciate most about Mrs. Miller is that she combines her expert knowledge in the field with a genuine care for every student in the class, constantly encouraging us in our walk with the Lord and in our high school careers. She is even willing to advise us outside of class in areas besides economics. If you are looking for a collaborative environment that will help you understand and apply economic terms that we hear thrown around all the time on the news (with an awesome teacher!), please consider this class. Cheers!" —James, Virginia

    "Before I enrolled in Micro and Macroeconomics, I had no interest whatsoever in economics. I enrolled simply to get college credits out of the way. However over the course of this last year, I grew to love economics and the intricacies of how nations work to solve some of our most fundamental problems. Mrs. Derstine was an incredible teacher, and spent so much time ensuring that we understood the concepts and ideas that govern economics. I am so thankful I took these class, and I will be minoring in Economics this fall!" —Abigail, North Dakota

Foreign Languages
  • Spanish 1

    "Overall, this Spanish course has been very helpful to me. I've tried learning other languages in one-year courses before, but I have never been able to understand them at this level. I am excited to take Spanish 2 next year. I want to be able to speak more than one language, and HSLDA Online Academy has prepared me to do so." —Abigail, West Virginia

    "Spanish 1 is an amazing course! It's designed well so that you know what's expected each week, and the teachers are very helpful and are glad to answer questions. 10/10 definitely recommend!" —Bethany, North Carolina

    "HSLDA Online Academy is the epitome of online school. Spanish I with Mrs. Hall has been nothing besides positive in my education. I have learned and set a strong foundation in Spanish thanks to this class. My favorite part of theclass is my teacher. She is wonderful in all areas including instruction, professional appearance, willingness to make personal connections, and knowledge in her field." —Randall, Pennsylvania

    "Sra. Hall is amazing! 10/10 for teacher material. She is patient and understanding with students and does everything she can to make sure we succeed. When I went down to see my sister graduate from basic training she prayed in class for me and she also gave me an extension on my work so I could be with family and not worry about school. Truly a gem!" —Jess, North Carolina

    "Learning a new language opens your eyes to a different culture, and opens up opportunities to connect with other people. This course touched on both of those, and incorporated the Christian worldview, including the Great Commission, as a primary focus. I highly recommend it!" —Hannah, Ohio

    "HSLDA Online Academy is AWESOME!!! I tried other ways to learn Spanish, but HSLDA is the only one that worked for me. I find myself disappointed that it's ending, it went by so fast. The teachers are very helpful and kind. If you make a mistake, they tell you, and you all move on. I am definitely planning on taking more classes!" —Lelia, Colorado

  • Spanish 2

    "This is a phenomenal course with a well outlined structure. It encourages you to think and makes the learning fun. I'd highly recommend it." —Monte, Washington

    "This course will have students growing in their knowledge of the Spanish language and of the Word of God by guiding students through reading the full Gospel of Mark in Spanish." —Dominic, North Carolina

    "I look forward to the live class every week. Going on this journey with my classmates and teacher is a joy; our class has become almost like family!" —Rachel, Texas

    "This course has deepened my appreciation not only for the Spanish language, but also for the English language! I have been very excited to watch my skills improve over the duration of this course, and I look forward to honing them even more in Spanish 3! Learning Spanish has helped me appreciate God better, and I've realized how neat it is to communicate in a different way, how beautiful it is to read the Bible in a different language, and how wonderful it is that we have a God who speaks and listens in all languages." —Elizabeth, Virginia

    "To anyone out there looking for a Spanish class, I've taken Spanish 1 and 2 with HSLDA Online Academy and they are great classes. I would highly highly highly recommend Señora/Mrs. Sara Hall. She is an absolutely sweet, amazing, kind, well prepared, intelligent teacher. She is one of my favorite teachers I have ever had. She makes Spanish easy to learn and does a phenomenal job incorporating a Christian worldview." —Sarah, Virginia

    "I am so glad I decided to take HSLDA Online Academy's Spanish 2 course! I have taken several Spanish courses before, but I never really made any progress with them and they were not very professional. HSLDA's Spanish 2 was different, as not only did it really teach me Spanish effectively, but it also integrated a Christian worldview into all the course material and content. I am very happy with the course and feel that it has well prepared me for Spanish 3!" —Brooklyn, Oregon

    "I started this course with 1 year of Spanish and learned more than I could have ever expected! I love learning online and having flexibility with my schedule, the teachers I have had are extremely understanding and work with you through everything! I am so grateful to be able to learn with HSLDA Online Academy and would not change anything about my high school experience and learning Spanish online!" —Allison, California

    "This course has given me a solid basis for speaking, reading, and writing Spanish—I have been able to have good conversations with native speakers and order food in Spanish at Mexican restaurants!" —Lauren, Kentucky

  • Spanish 3

    "I never actually 'got' Spanish until I took Spanish 3 with the HSLDA Online Academy, but now I'm almost fluent in it and I'm in love with linguistics in general. This course opened my eyes to a whole new world!" —Jessie, Texas

    "HSLDA Online Academy's Spanish 3 is very well organized. I know exactly what to do and know when the homework is due. This is very helpful to homeschool students because they have to learn independently a lot. I have to rely on my Spanish teacher to teach me Spanish in this course because neither of my parents would know how to teach me Spanish. I chose the 6:00 am class because I wanted to push myself to get started with my day earlier. This class has definitely helped my work habits!" —Mallory, California

    "This is my third year of taking a Spanish class, but it's only my second time with HSLDA Online Academy. My first Spanish class was outside of HSLDA and I just didn't feel like I really learned a lot. So for the next year of Spanish class, my mom found HSLDA Online Academy for me to try. I ended up really liking it and I learned a lot. Then the next year came and my mom asked me if I wanted to do HSLDA again and I said yes. Señora Downs is my teacher and she is one of the best teachers I have ever had! She is so patient with us, she answers all our questions, she gives us grace when we make mistakes cause she knows we are new to this and that we are all trying to learn, and the weekly homework is really organized and it's easy to know what we have to do. And if we get confused about something, we can always email our teacher and she answers all our questions. I absolutely love everything about this course!" —Megan, Arizona

    "Spanish 3 is a very well put together class and feels like the perfect step up from Spanish 2." —Julianna, California

  • Latin 1

    "This course is amazing! It tackles a fascinating, ancient language with a Christian worldview and makes it fun and exciting to learn. The teachers are very knowledgeable and present the course material effectively and in a way that connects the student with the language, establishing a base to go very far with Latin in the future." —Baker, Virginia

    "You're gonna love this course! It's fun and informative. Yeah, at times it might be challenging but if you apply yourself and order your schedule properly you will do just fine. Fascinating concepts and interesting perspectives are sure to grapple for the attention of any student." —Natalie, Virginia

    "I love this course! The website is easy to use, and the teachers are great! My teacher makes learning fun, and I recommend this online course to anyone!" —Mollie, North Carolina

    "Latin 1 has been the best Latin class I have attended so far. All the students are very kind and supportive and our teacher is well experienced in our subject. He makes all our lessons fun and we have learned a lot from him. I have seen lots of insight in our class and have had lots of in-depth discussions, especially about Christian doctrine and worldview. I hope that my next course will be just as enjoyable as I will miss this course as well as my teacher and fellow students!" —Olivia, Pennsylvania

    "I tried multiple curricula, but still couldn't make any sense of Latin. This course has given me a much more in-depth, complete understanding of the language." —Samuel, New York

  • German 1

    "It is a great, comprehensive course, and Mrs. Cruz is a brilliant teacher." —Eli, Kentucky

    "Frau Cruz ist eine Wunderbar Lehrerin! If you are interested in German this is the class for you! Frau Cruz not only does an outstanding job teaching German, but also introduces her students to the culture, traditions, music, and history of Germany." —Hannah, South Carolina

    "I took German 1 this year by Frau Cruz. I loved this course so much! It was a wonderful balance of language, culture, and music. Frau Cruz presents the language in easy, enjoyable doses. She provides many options on how to learn the material which is very helpful because we all learn through slightly different ways. This course is awesome and I would totally recommend it." —Lindsay, California

    "I have had such a fun time going through German 1. My teacher presented herself in a very professional manner, and was kind to each one of us students. She opened each class time with prayer, and it was really amazing to get to meet with my other classmates each week. I would definitely recommend German 1 to anyone looking into it." —Shannon, Colorado

    "This class has been amazing. The other students are super friendly and very respectful towards others. Frau Cruz is an amazing teacher! I highly recommend this course if you are looking to take German. It's an excellent class!" —Evan

  • German 2

    "This course has taught me so much more than just a language. It has taught me culture and how the Germans live their lives. Frau Cruz is an amazing teacher and she teaches everything so thoroughly and she will give you references and everything!" —Charity, Virginia

    "This is such a great follow up to German 1, I highly recommend it! Mrs. Cruz is such a wonderful teacher who teaches well and explains concepts clearly and is always there if you have questions." —Sarah, Kansas

    "I feel like my German has improved a lot because of this course. Before I tried to learn on my own, but this was much more effective. The teacher was extremely kind and helpful, obviously showing that she wanted each student to exceed." —Lauren, California

    "I really enjoyed German 2. I learned so much about not only German grammar and vocabulary, but also about German customs and music. I feel comfortable talking in German now. Mrs. Cruz is one of the nicest teachers that I have ever had, and she has helped me improve my German so much this year. This is a wonderful course, and I absolutely loved it." —Elisa, California

Logic, Music, & Business
  • Logic & Critical Thinking

    "This course is extremely well organized, and if you put the work into it, you will finish with an excellent understanding of both formal logic and critical thinking!" —Jesse, New York

    "This is by far the most fascinating, difficult, and eye-opening class I have ever taken so far in my educational career. Prior to being in this class, I had yet to learn that the education of logic and critical thinking even existed. Using what I have learned in this class, I have been able to see and analyze the world and the people around me with more confidence and sense of understanding than ever. It makes me more excited realizing all the things I can apply this to in my lifetime. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is considering courses. If you can keep it, it will carry itself with you in everything you do. I especially believe that God has a purpose for this sort of knowledge." —Tyler, Maryland

    "Mr. Guido's Logic & Critical Thinking course has been exceptional and has provided me with practical tools to help understand the world and the people in the world. I have also really enjoyed the theological and biblical insights that come from the weekly readings. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone." —Libby, Washington

    "Logic & Critical Thinking taught me a lot and gave me a good challenge. I learned skills I can apply to everyday life and I loved my teacher and classmates. This is a good and helpful class to take!" —Emelia, North Carolina

    "I highly recommend Logic and Critical Thinking! The information is fascinating, and even though there is quite a bit of homework involved, the class is worth it! I love that I have been seeing some of the topics mentioned in class in real life." —Ruby, Idaho

  • Business

    "Business is not the average academic class, and I learned more from this class than from any other. It taught me a lot about myself and how to function as a Christian in many areas—not just business. I would strongly encourage this class to anyone, even if starting a business is not in the plan. There is so much to learn that is not found in any other academic course!" —Isaac, Connecticut

    "If you are looking for a course that provides an in-depth overview of business, this class might be a great fit for you. I did not expect to learn as much as I did because I had studied about business previously, but I was pleasantly surprised! Throughout the course I never really felt like I was being lectured to. The work I had throughout the week was enjoyable and not boring. I felt like I learned something new every week. I am going to take another HSLDA Online Academy class next year because I really enjoyed this year!" —Bradley, Virginia

    "Mrs. Miller is a wonderful teacher, always asking how we are doing and reminding us that she doesn't want us to stress about our work. She is always so loving towards us when we share something that we love in life. She is always reminding us to work towards our dreams." —Kelly, Virginia

    "This class is my favorite of the year! I have learned so much about the wonderful world of business and am more confident to follow my passion of entrepreneurship!" —Helen, Ohio

    "Business equipped me with knowledge that I will use my whole life and in my future career." —Luke, Texas

    "I love this class so much! The overall interaction in the live class is unmatched by any other class I've taken. The teacher helps with any problems I have and explains everything perfectly and professionally. The projects, materials, and discussions shaped my whole worldview on business. Everything is awesome about this class!" —Tristan, Indiana

    "I highly recommend this class. Learning the basics of business under Prof. Smith has been a great experience, and it's hard for me to realize that I won't have the chance to take another HSLDA Online Academy course (going to college this fall). If you want to be in a great learning environment, with the chance to meet great new friends in your fellow students, then take this course!" —Luke

  • Personal Finance & Accounting

    "Personal Finance & Accounting is a course I have really enjoyed. By contrast to a lot of other courses I've taken, the workload is not super heavy (for me, including lecture time, I would say it generally takes 4–6 hrs. of work a week). However, it's not busy work and I feel that I have learned a lot throughout this course, and even week to week. The first half I found really helpful for making me aware of the things I should be processing when making my own financial decisions, and the second half, even though I probably won't go into accounting, has been neat to better understand how a business works. Also, it has been really fun to see myself going from having no clue what the general journal and ledger are or what a balance sheet is to being able to make entries into those or prepare the document. Finally, the student-to-teacher and student-to-student interactions have been great. I highly recommend this course!" —Joy, Pennsylvania

    "This was the first online course I ever took. Because I had never taken an online class before, I was worried that I might not understand what was expected of me, and that I might not do well. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded. All the expectations for this course were super clear from the first day of class, so I always knew what was expected of me. And my teacher was amazingly helpful, always willing to answer questions and respond to emails. Thanks to her, I was able to excel in his class. And I loved getting to connect with my peers. I didn't think I could form such strong relationships with people I only knew from an internet class, but I really grew close to all of them. I have made some great friends in this class. This course has been a great experience, one that I would definitely participate in again if I could." —Haley, Alabama

    "This course has equipped me with the tools to succeed financially in life and be a good steward of what God has given me." —Jacob, California

    "Going into this course, I knew that I knew hardly anything about monetary issues. But since taking this class, I feel considerably more confident with money matters and keeping track of my and/or others' finances. This gives me more hope for my future well-being, and that is very satisfying!" —Adeline, California

    "Personal Finance & Accounting has been a great class. The first semester taught me how to responsibly handle money and key ways to make and save money. The second semester has given me the accounting 101 knowledge. I have learned how accounting works and how to record, balance, etc. accounts." —Grace, North Carolina

  • United States History

    "This course has taught me how to look at history through the eyes of a Christian. Every day has the possibility to make history, and as Christians we have a great responsibility to use each moment for God and His glory." —Ruby, New Jersey

    "Before I took this course I did not know how much I loved history!" —Ethan, California

    "This course is very fun and even if you don't like school, the online environment is pretty easy to understand and the teacher makes class very enjoyable and makes sure that you are involved and understanding all of the information given." —Brooke, California

    "United States History is taught in an easy-to-understand, informative way. The work load is not overwhelming; the majority of the time is dedicated to listening to lecture videos/reading the history textbook. Important events in American history are covered, as well as some events that are not as well known." —Maggie, Iowa

    "I really enjoyed taking this American History course on HSLDA Online Academy. My online classroom teacher is amazing and the video lectures are great!" —Malia, Colombia

    "History has always been fun for me, and this course was no exception. The recorded lectures were always fun and they had personality. There was no monotone talking or confusion with dates and people. The teachers did so well making this fun and entertaining. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who will listen!" —Anonymous Student

    "This class is well organized and provides challenges and learning opportunities without being frustrating or difficult. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the material and completing the projects in this class." —Catherine, Maryland

  • AP® European History

    "I have learned more about the history of mankind, and the way God interacts with us throughout history in this course than in all of the history classes I have taken in my entire high-school career." —Asia, Louisiana

    "This course is wonderful! I normally am not a history person, but this course made history fun and exciting! It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed every minute of it!" —Amelia, Missouri

    "When I signed up for this course, I thought it would be dry and boring. I didn't expect any friendship with the students, much less the teacher. I couldn't have been further from the truth! I have made lasting friendships in this class, and Mrs. Bowman makes the information fun and easy to understand. She jokes with us and has great meme taste while still keeping us grounded in the material. She is tough on the essays and exams, but it was what I needed to improve. The discussions, too, were thought-provoking and the interaction with other people's posts made the discussion even richer. Take this class!" —Anna, North Carolina

    "I love the way this integrates hard academic work with a passion for simply learning things you have not known before. The course presents such a generous abundance of material and information that you feel adequately prepared for the AP® European History exam and for future history classes." —Ellie, Tennessee

    "HSLDA Online Academy's courses never fail to impress me, improving my intellect and critical thinking in a plethora of ways. AP® European History was no different. Thanks to the Academy, Dr. Favelo, and my amazing classroom teacher, Mr. Trimmer, I am now well-grounded in Europe's history, the interconnecting events, and their impact on us today." —Melaine, California

    "This course taught me how to pursue historical truth, and it reminded me how much man really needs God. I learned how to think and write well about historical topics, and have found myself frequently recalling the information I learned. Because of this course, I feel well equipped not only for the AP® exam but also for my life." —Elizabeth, Virginia

  • AP® World History: Modern

    "It is truly amazing to see the Lord's work throughout history, and this course highlights His influence well." —Katharine, Virginia

    "I had studied major historical events before taking AP® World History: Modern, but this course really opened my eyes to the broader global context of all these events. Even though we moved quickly from 1000 A.D. to the present, this helped me realize how all of history is connected and how short everyone lives. Mrs. Bowman did an excellent job keeping history in a Christian perspective—not shying from difficult topics like racism or the Holocaust, but using them as opportunities to discuss the sinfulness of human nature and the providence of God. This year, I grew to realize God's providence throughout history and to appreciate that though humans have made terrible decisions for thousands of years, God's goodness has remained the same." —Hannah, Iowa

    "AP® World History: Modern is a really good, informative course. All of the information is intriguing and it is very well presented. Despite using a secular book, the teachers provide the information again through a very useful Christian perspective." —Soli, Maine

    "To all who may be considering this course, Mrs. Bowman is a sweet yet wise teacher, who delivers the material concisely and ably. She connects with you personally, which is a rare quality in a teacher. Dr. Favelo produces both thought-provoking and comical lectures in a way that makes a great deal of material much easier to handle. This course will help you see the patterns and common threads throughout the history of our world from a Christian worldview, while confronting difficult questions and challenges. It has been extremely helpful for my knowledge and faith, and I'm sure you will find the same!" —James, Virginia

    "Mr. Trimmer (my live class teacher) does a wonderful job of giving the overview of history, answering our questions, giving a Christian aspect relevant to the subject and just making the classroom enjoyable. Dr. Favelo (the master teacher) does an excellent job in describing in detail the events that need to be discussed (whether for our understanding of a future event, or for our need of bringing to light a certain misunderstood detail of the story). He also has a knack for bringing Christ into the picture as well as giving both sides of the story into the argument and letting us decide the verdict of what was right in a certain context (all of which I am entirely grateful). I highly recommend looking into HSLDA Online Academy as a form of education, and believe that every penny spent was worth it." —Jacob, California

  • AP® United States History

    "HSLDA Online Academy's AP® US History course prompts students to examine the nature of humanity, who we are as children of God, and where we stand in the story of the world. This course beautifully synthesizes historical events with philosophical and theological analysis. My perspective of the world and of humanity has changed because of this class, and I am excited to take the knowledge I have gained here into future courses." —Anonymous Student

    "This course challenged me to dive much deeper into US history than I have done in the past. The course work was intense, but it forced me to learn to manage my time and my priorities. I feel like I am now able to analyze both the past and the present of my country with a far more nuanced understanding." —AnnaLeah, Connecticut

    "This AP® US History course has helped me to re-examine many of my own beliefs while learning about the various worldviews throughout US history. I went into this course thinking it would be a regular US history course, but came out asking questions that I never had considered. I would highly recommend this course to any one who desires to be immersed in US history while learning more about their own beliefs." —Catherine, Missouri

SAT® Test Prep
  • SAT® Prep Genius

    "This course definitely helped me have an understanding of how the SAT® is structured and how to boost my score." —Rebecca, New York

    "HSLDA Online Academy classes are excellent! I feel challenged and guided through each class I take. I love HSLDA Online Academy and recommend it to everyone!" —Elisabeth, New Jersey

    "The HSLDA Online Academy's SAT® prep course greatly exceeded my expectations. The class was presented in a professional but engaging way which made it much more enjoyable to watch!" —Sarah, Texas

    "The course is invaluable. I no longer fear the SAT®!" —Helen, Ohio

    "This course has honestly made the SAT® into a fun game where you can laugh at the attempts to trick you by the College Board and confidently answer correctly. 10/10 would recommend to late middle school and all high schoolers." —Bethany, North Carolina

    "This is an amazing course! They teach you how the SAT® is not a knowledge test but a logic test. Now I can take it faster and more effectively." —Isabella, California

    "The course teaches a lot of simple ways to find answers that I never would have thought of. It really made the test much simpler." —Hannah, Maryland

    "I would highly recommend the HSLDA Online Academy SAT® Prep Genius class. I loved how it was taught from a Christian perspective and how the teacher was not afraid to mention Christ or how our lesson was connected to one of God's attributes (i.e., math never changes and God never changes). Everything was well laid out and I know exactly what I was supposed to do on a particular day." —Mollykate, Pennsylvania

    "When I first began this course, I was not very confident about taking the SAT® test. But as I progressed through the classes and homework, I soon began to see improvement in my scores, which allowed me more confidence about taking SAT® tests. I enjoyed the way this class was taught and I learned valuable skills that I will be able to apply to the SAT® test as well as to other aspects of school and life." —Laramie, California

    "I would recommend this class to younger students because the tips and methods taught in this class take time to perfect through practice." —Reagan, Florida

    "This course is really beneficial and gives you easy strategies that really do help improve your score if you apply them. The teacher was very knowledgeable, incorporated Christian values, and made me laugh too! I felt very comfortable and was not afraid to ask questions." —Alexandria, Florida

Computer Skills
  • Computer Skills

    "This course is a fun way to learn about computers and how they work. It has been good getting to know so many great people through this class." —Will, Minnesota

    "Computer Skills has been a game-changer course for me. Everything I learned in it - from how to use Microsoft's Office suite, to computer security, to the basics of programming a website, and so on - I can use and apply in real life. This is one of my favorite courses, simply because it is so practical and you learn so much. Now, I actually know how to use my computer." —Olivia, Oregon

    "HSLDA Online Academy's Computer Skills course really helped me get a better grasp of the history of computers and how they operate. Five stars." —Noah, Connecticut

    "This was a great, well-organized class, and it was challenging but not impossible, which is fun. We were able to do so many fun things, like coding our own websites and video games. I highly encourage people to take this class, they won't be disappointed!" —Dalton, North Dakota

    "This course is perfect for anyone who is interested in coding or computer science. It gradually takes you step by step through both the history and operation of computers. The teachers explain the concepts very well, and they're always courteous when responding to questions that you may have. Five stars!" —Lauren, Mississippi

    "Do consider this course as a start to learning to code and do web design. Also expect to learn about the history of computers and the innovators who had the ideas, beginning way back with Ada Lovelace in the 1840's. It is VERY interesting and I loved learning about it with my class." —Kellie, Nebraska

    "If you are considering this course, I would highly recommend it! It is full of interesting and fun things to learn, see, and do! If you enjoy computers and want to learn more about them, as well as how they came about and about the people who made them possible, you will not be disappointed with this class! It requires focus, dedication, and hard work, but it is worth it!" —Lillian, Colorado

    "This sixteen week course in computer skills is great. It helped me understand everything I would need to know on a daily basis and more that I thought I would never use but did. It is amazing and is very helpful if you know little to nothing about computers." —Matthew, Alabama

    "If you're on the fence about taking this course, DON'T BE! Whether you would like a glimpse into computer design, or you need a window back in time to understand the Innovators behind the beautiful machine you're using right now, and maybe you're a hard-core gamer and would like to learn a little code, then this course is for you! I have learned skills in this class that I will take with me for my entire life. I hope you will love this class as much as I have!" —Ethan, Michigan

  • Graphic & Web Design

    "HSLDA Online Academy has inspired me to pursue a career in computers! All of the teachers I have interacted with are incredibly nice and teach the text in a great way! You can learn so much and you meet some amazing people in the classes. I feel as if I will have friends for life after taking these classes." —Ariel, Virginia

    "I came into this course with only basic HTML knowledge, and I came out of it with sufficient knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap—all demonstrated in my final project: a fully fledged website. It's neat to see everyone's different ideas for designs and websites, and we also learned how to work in groups on websites, as well. Coding is not hard; you just need the right teacher!" —Hannah, Iowa

    "This Graphic & Web Design course has been a great introduction to HTML, CSS, JS, and graphic design! I've really enjoyed the experience. I now want to go and spend some time over the summer trying to build some of my own websites." —Abigail, South Carolina

    "I can highly recommend this course to anyone who is even slightly interested in computer design and coding. It will give you an amazing bump ahead in the world of web design." —Benjamin, Massachusetts

  • Computer Science

    "This class is a fun, easy way to be introduced to Python. It is not rushed and is well sectioned-out to explain the beginning aspects of coding in the Python coding language." —Sophia, North Carolina

    "This course was an excellent way to learn Python! It challenged me, and helped me think more logically." —Caleb, Michigan

    "This course has been the highlight of my week all semester, and I would encourage everyone who has an interest in learning the basics of programming to take this class!" —Alaina, Indiana

    "This course is overall amazing! It has been a blast getting to learn how to code using Python, as well as meet people who understand a lot more about code then I do." —Evan, Virginia