Student Honor Code

The HSLDA Online Academy honor code represents the standards of the online community every student chooses to join when enrolling in a course. The goal of this Christian community is to bring imperfect people of different backgrounds together to learn and grow in a way that honors God and others.

As an HSLDA Online Academy student, I agree to abide by the following commitments for the duration of the academic year:

  • I will read this year’s Student & Parent Handbook carefully.
  • I will take responsibility for homework deadlines and submissions.
  • I will complete my coursework with Christian integrity. I will not lie, cheat, or plagiarize.
  • I will address Academy instructors and staff with respect, and speak respectfully about them to others.
  • I will treat my classmates kindly and respectfully, even when I disagree with them.
  • I will approach conflict and disagreement humbly, seeking resolution in the spirit of Matthew 18.
  • I will speak and write graciously, not using profane, explicit, or offensive language.
  • I will act prudently and will not share inappropriate or explicit material.
  • I am willing to be held accountable to these tenets, as outlined in the Student & Parent Handbook.