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"When I contacted my classroom teacher, Ms. Campbell, with a few course questions this week, I mentioned how much I was enjoying the lectures and my amazement at how "in-person" they feel. I had looked into various other online options in advance of starting high school and found myself bored and distracted. So, I thought you would appreciate knowing that this course has changed my mind about online learning. I feel totally engaged and like I am part of a community. Thank you for offering this wonderful experience for homeschool students!" — Nathan H., PA, 2016-17 student

"My son is thoroughly enjoying Mr. Quan's AP® Calculus AB course. Thank you for offering a great Calculus course and providing such a wonderful instructor!" — Tamara M., CA, 2016-17 parent

"Thank you for teaching Samuel's government class. I loved the material you covered. I as his mother learned a lot also. I know that my government class when I was young was vague and difficult to understand. Your class was well written and brought depth to the subject. Now even I understand some of the terminology better in the news and with this past election because I learned alongside Samuel." — Darcie S., CA, 2016-17 parent.

“I believe AP® English Language and Composition helped me get ‘ahead of the crowd’ by encouraging me to develop skills like time management and personal responsibility that will stay with me as I enter college. In addition, I gained an expanded vocabulary and a professional writing style that will help me with whichever career path I choose.” —Mackenzie, TX

“The course exceeded my expectations for an online calculus course! Through challenging and comprehensive lecture—both live and recorded—I was able to attain a strong understanding of AP® Calculus.  If you are looking for a challenging and exciting calculus course, this one is definitely it.” —Joshua, WI

“The AP® exam itself was easy after taking AP® U.S. Government and Politics. The content was thorough, logical, and well-presented. I sometimes wonder if I will ever look at the political process the same way again.” —Clint, OR

AP® World History really stretched me, in knowledge and study habits and writing abilities. Despite initial qualms about taking such an intensive type of course, I was swiftly won over by the instructors’ passion for the subject and the way they presented the material through the lens of Scripture. It was unequivocally a great experience for me. I loved this class and would definitely recommend it to other prospective students.” —Elise, CO

“As a classroom-teacher myself, I want to thank you for the highly organized, interesting, and engaging AP® Microeconomics course you have created. You have also been very encouraging to my daughter personally, which is not always the case in an online course. My student is very much enjoying every aspect of your class. It is worth MORE than we paid in tuition costs for her to get this kind of pre-college experience. With two sisters in the Business Dept at a university near us, she is now able to have rousing discussions with them about economics, and they are ALL enjoying that new ‘common ground’!” —Academy parent, IN

“The AP® English Literature and Composition course compelled me to consider hard, deep, meaningful questions about literature and, ultimately, life. I better learned how to work with a syllabus and deadlines, and how to communicate with my teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with my classmates. The work was very challenging but I felt prepared for the AP® exam; I now feel even more ready and excited for college.” —Carmita, PA

“The U.S. History course gave me fresh insight into the history of America. As a class, we analyzed the morality of issues while exploring historical events with an analytical perspective. During this class, I gained understanding that helped me define what it means to not only be an American but also a conservative and a Christian. I also developed as a writer, reader, and student through the challenging and informative coursework. Although I felt overwhelmed at the beginning of the year, I leave confident that I can successfully overcome challenging coursework in the future.” —Phebe, VA

“The topics covered in AP® Macroeconomics are both interesting and informative. Not only will you enjoy the course—you will also learn about how economics applies to real world markets and politics, and how that influences some of the actions taken by the government over the past century or so. The teacher is awesome and the course ties in a lot of the material with biblical perspectives on the issues.” —William, TX (Spring 2013)

“The discussions we engaged in and the readings we were assigned were very rigorous, but they helped prepare me for the AP® World History exam more than I ever thought possible. By the time I took the exam, I felt very confident in everything I had learned. This course was well worth the time and effort, and I am so glad I took it.” —Abigail, IL

AP® Calculus AB has been the one of the first courses of my high school years to force me to commit to diligent study habits. This rigorous course has not only given me mathematical skills but studying skills that I can apply to all areas of my education. I am now a better student as well as a better mathematician.” —Jonah, CA

“I enrolled in the AP® English Language and Composition course expecting it to be the usual review of commas and clauses; at the first class I realized my mistake. I never imagined that I would learn so much in so little time. The workload was challenging, but by no means impossible. This course not only prepared me for the AP® exam but gave me a better appreciation of the English language and permanent skills that will serve me well whenever I write.” —Catherine, NJ

AP® Microeconomics far exceeded my expectations in helping me integrate a Christian worldview into the fascinating world of economics. I highly recommend this course!” —Ben, MN

AP® English Literature and Composition did a wonderful job preparing me for the AP® Exam. I felt very confident in the testing room and was ready to utilize what I had learned over the past school year. While in class, I really enjoyed reading a wide variety of literature and discussing different interpretations and points of view. This course helped me hone my skills as a writer and inspired me to go above and beyond in my analysis of the works that I read.” —Sarah, CA

“I love the friendly, nurturing, learning environment at the Academy. The instructors, help desk personnel, and students alike are extremely kind and willing to help. It was wonderful to learn about our government from a Christian perspective and practice integrating my opinions and beliefs with what I was learning. I learned to manage my time more effectively, improved my leadership skills through student-led review sessions, and communicated with others through various methods. AP® U.S. Government and Politics was an excellent experience. I am so glad I was able to take it!” —A.F., FL

AP® Macroeconomics, and the classroom teacher in particular, impacted the rest of my life. Now I know for certain that I want to study economics in college, which will determine much of my future.  Even more, I will long remember my classroom teacher’s kindness and concern for her students.” —Olyvia, IL

“I was constantly challenged to think deeply and broadly about whatever topic we were covering. AP® U.S. History helped me to learn to more deeply analyze events, connect causes and effects, and learn more than just dates or major events.” —Megan, PA

AP® English Literature and Composition surpassed my expectations in every way! Not only did I get to interact with amazing teachers and students, but I also grew in my understanding of literature and of interpreting the great works. Before I took this course, I read each book for its own sake, caring only for the story. This course has taught me that behind each work is a message—a set of values that the author is trying to convey. Through investigating and truly ‘taking apart’ literature, we as students and as Christians can see the world around us in a new and exciting light!” —Jimmy, NE

“When I signed up for AP® U.S. Government and Politics, I thought I already had a pretty good grasp of how government and politics works. However, this class has deepened my understanding of these topics so much. This class has taught me more about the motives of government officials before and after they are elected, how bureaucracies work, functions and methods of interest groups, and so much more. Additionally, the teacher assigned some great books for the class to read that were incredibly thought-provoking. Although this class was sometimes very difficult, it was more than worth it. If you are looking for an informative and interesting class on U.S. government and politics that will prepare you for college-level classes, then this course is for you.” —Sarah, IL

AP® Calculus AB was the capstone of my high school mathematical experience. The study of calculus has solidified my previous understanding of math and given me a valuable perspective from which I can analyze the world.” —Stephen, WI

AP® Macroeconomics was very interactive. Our many online discussions helped me to sort out my thoughts and explain them logically as a Christian.” —Daniel, KS

“The instruction I received took my skills to a new level. While my mom and other home schooling parents previously gave me feedback on my writing, the professional guidance my AP® English Language and Composition course provided addressed weaknesses and offered improvements to improve my entire approach to written communication.” —Marie, VA

“When I entered the AP® U.S. History course I was most concerned that the writing requirements would be too difficult.  I was correct in assuming that it would stretch my ability, but I never failed—I grew.  The same was true of the course as a whole: I was challenged, encouraged, and strengthened, not only in U.S. History, but in multiple academic areas.” —Olyvia, IL

“I learned so much from AP® Microeconomics. It was fascinating to see the complexities beneath day-to-day business. The work was certainly challenging, but I feel that I have a solid grasp on economic principles.” —William, TX

“Taking AP® World History has been a great experience. Not only has it helped to further my knowledge of history, but it has greatly helped me grow as a writer and helped me to better understand the interactions and relationship between men and God.” —Nicholas, MI

“The AP® English Language and Composition course stretched me as a writer and student. I learned good time management along with techniques for how to write more effective essays. Some of the most valuable lessons I learned were about how to use rhetorical strategies, diction, and syntax to my advantage as a writer. I also learned how to craft clear, concise, and coherent essays. The course provided everything I needed to feel confident while taking the AP® exam.” —Phebe, VA

AP® U.S. Government and Politics was an excellent course. With the help of the amazing Dr. Guliuzza and my classroom teacher, I was able to learn more about the inner workings of the United States government and relate what I learned to the Bible and my Christian worldview. The work was challenging and time-consuming; there was a lot of reading, writing, and critical thinking involved, but it all helped me prepare for the AP® exam.” —Abigail, OK

“Ms. Raybould is a fantastic teacher. Because of what I learned in AP® Macroeconomics, I can intelligently discuss current events regarding economics. I highly recommend this course!” —Hannah, ID

“I definitely learned a lot in AP® U.S. History. Dr. Spinney’s lectures were both engaging and informative and helped me see the main points of history and how they shaped American culture from its inception to the present. The friends I met through this class are phenomenal and they helped me study and stay engaged with the material.”
—Elena, MA

“I very much enjoyed AP® English Literature and Composition, and while I have always loved writing and received good grades in it, I did find that the course challenged me and improved my writing. The amount of work, while sometimes difficult, gave me a good taste of college work and helped me learn how to manage my time. I loved learning about the different epochs of literature and about the historical context of the works we were reading. Overall, my mind was challenged and made stronger, with the course training me how to truly analyze and understand literature—and by extension, how to better analyze the Bible, my culture, and my own stories.” —Grace, VA

“The AP® World History course is definitely worth the time and money I invested in it. This course offered the opportunity to learn about a vast range of cultures and ideologies, and it has opened my eyes even further to the diversity in our world. I highly recommend this course.” —Elisa, NE

“I entered the AP® Calculus course with the sole purpose of being qualified to pass the AP® exam, so as not to have to do math in college. However, I received so much more than that while taking the course. I developed a new appreciation and understanding for calculus applied in the real world. I also made amazing friends, and was very grateful for such a helpful and thorough teacher. Thank you!” —Sarah, NY

“The AP® Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses inspired in me a passion for economics. The courses challenged me to think biblically about economics topics. They have been excellent preparation to help me succeed on the AP® exam.” —Nicholas, NJ