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If you want quality online instruction, you've come to the right place. All of our courses are carefully crafted with excellent content and a biblical worldview. Our instructors are extensively reviewed, qualified to teach from a biblical worldview, and eager to see their students succeed. The feedback from our yearly student and parent surveys is overwhelmingly positive. Here's a selection of what students and parents say about our courses.

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Parent Feedback

  • HSLDA courses are a perfect addition to our homeschool!  - Linda, NC
  • My son’s HSLDA course was his favorite part of his homeschool year. His teacher made the class fun and engaging, while the class interaction added to the experience. He always had a great story for me after his weekly class! It was definitely worth the investment. We plan to use HSLDA Academy classes for his entire high school experience.  - Kristen, OH
  • It was our first time taking a live class online and we're so glad it was with HSLDA.  While we needed to adjust to being in an online classroom at first, the breakout rooms really increased peer interactions which we loved and our instructor was great at getting everyone to participate.  The students were also polite, friendly and supportive of one another.  We're excited to take more classes with HSLDA!   - Julie, GA
  • This program helped shore up an area that my daughter was very competent, but that I do not teach well. It took pressure off of both of us, made the experience enjoyable, albeit challenging! I highly recommend HSLDA Academy as support for any subject needed!  - Molly, MO
  • HSLDA Online Academy's Geometry course was the first online class our son completed, and we couldn't be more delighted about his experience!  Mrs. Ellis is specially gifted in making the course fun for the students.  We believe the course was challenging and rewarding for our son and appreciate the opportunities he had to foster relationships with the other students as well.  We immediately enrolled his younger brother in classes for this next year, and he's excited, too!  - Sam, OH
  • Taking HSLDA Online Academy courses has been a great experience for both of my high school students. The clear expectations and hard deadlines have helped them learn to budget their time more effectively. The teachers are caring and have gone above and beyond to help their students grasp the course content. I also love that they are believers and integrate their faith into the course as appropriate. I highly recommend HSLDA Online Academy!  - Suzanne, NJ
  • At the beginning of the school year, our senior student didn't have a sense of direction for the future.  After taking the Business and Web Design classes. She now has a direction for her future.  Both classes continue to fuel her creative passions and have expanded her skills. For the first time she was excited about school.   - Tammy
  • My son has received a first rate education with HSLDA.  We started by taking classes where I felt I was weak in instructing him.  He enjoyed them so much he chose to take a wider variety of classes from HSLDA.  Their teachers are real educators and have taught my son to enjoy subjects he didn't previously.  Their system is very well organized so that my son could learn how to manage his fairly complex schedule independently.  They utilize social media well in a way that allowed my son to have peer interactions that he really longed for.  - Melanie
  • My children have taken English, History and Spanish through HSLDA Online Academy. These have been a blessing to my family and me. In particular, English (well writing) is a place that I struggle to coach and objectively grade. Not only did this take that task out of my hands but the children were taught at a level that they were able to transition straight to the Community College by their junior year in High School. In addition the teachers have a true passion and love for what they do. They want to see the children do well and provide excellent feedback along the way to allow the students to see how to improve and grow. I cannot recommend these courses enough!  - Jackie
  • I sought a writing course for my son whom I feel is a gifted writer however, he didn’t believe me because I’m Mom.  Since writing is not my strong suit, my hope was for someone to grow him as a writer and reinforce what I knew to be true about his writing skills.  We were so beyond blessed with Ms. Devon Kelly in the Foundations in Writing class! Her critiques, comments, suggestions, and praises went so far above and beyond what I ever hoped for! My son left the class having grown tremendously in his writing and analytical skills but believing that he really is blessed in this area.   - Academy Parent
  • The iCitizen Live course was extremely informative for our son. I hope every homeschooled child gets a chance to take such a great course in civics. It engendered a lot of good discussions for our family.  - Gwen

Student Feedback

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