HSLDA Online Academy | What books will I use in Constitutional Law?

What books will I use in Constitutional Law?

For Constitutional Law by Michael Farris, you will need the following items:

Synopsis: Michael Farris’ DVD series and book provide an overview of Constitutional Law and our nation’s most important founding documents. Farris explains that, “If our government no longer faithfully adheres to the Constitution, ultimately the problem is that we are not doing our part as enlightened citizens; and when we find that the government’s current actions are out of step with the Constitution, it is our duty as citizens to act.” These materials explain the history of the Constitution, and teach students how to analyze relevant Supreme Court cases related to major issues affecting our nation today. 

While these are the only two resources you need for the online course, you may be interested in additional resources, such as study guides, which can be found in the HSLDA bookstore.

Please note: All course materials for Constitutional Law by Michael Farris are sold through the HSLDA bookstore.

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