What topics will I learn about in Algebra 2?

Algebra is the language that describes functional relationships in God’s universe. For example, the speed of a satellite is a function of the diameter of its orbit. Each unit in Algebra 2 will present such an interesting real-world application. Students will learn how algebra can be used to analyze data and solve problems, all within a Christian worldview. Algebra reflects the orderliness of God and helps us to discover the regularity in His created universe.

Topics include:

  • Mathematical concepts including number systems, operations, and functions.
  • How to create matrices from data and perform matrix operations.
  • How to solve quadratic equations and polynomial functions.
  • The relationship between radicals and fractional exponents.
  • How to convert between exponential and logarithmic equations.
  • How to solve and graph rational expressions.
  • The basics of probability and statistics.