What topics will I learn about in English 2?

English 2: World Literature & Writing is a yearlong English course meant to prepare students for future success by introducing them to a diverse range of influential works from around the globe. Students will examine various works of world literature through a Christian worldview. By reading literature that has shaped many different cultures, students are introduced to how conflict, ethnicity, philosophy, and religion can shape and/or impact one’s viewpoint.

Students will interact with works of fiction, allegory, persuasion, poetry, memoir, and biography. This course also focuses on developing a student’s composition skills through assignments such as literary response and analysis, compare and contrast, précis, research, and creative compositions. In this course, students will research and write a biographical paper about a Christian world-changer.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Become familiar with applying a Christian worldview to diverse cultures and situations
  • Become familiar with major literary forms, and use them as a tool to better understand culture
  • Better understand the major types of literature: poetry, drama, and narrative.
  • Learn important literary terms, and have a working knowledge of literary analysis.
  • Learn through practice the fundamentals of classical rhetoric (rich content, logical organization, effective style, specific word choice), thus gaining confidence as writers.